Pestilen Upon the Great-shrine of Statues
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In the tenth year of the High Ordained Dalseban, a terrible pestilen fell upon the Faithful who had labored long upon the broken crete, char and tall-grasses of the Lune realm. Holy Technists had raised statues a league in height in the Prophet's name, but the whispers of Contagion had come from the Void to be within their hearts.

A great Chapel Technis, of spires to rival the Great-shrine, was set upon war-broken forgen in the years of the High Ordained Ferele. From the alchema-vaults spread a pestilen in service of the Prophet's will; a terrible ague, pocks of the flesh and mortificen came upon all those touched by Contagion. Medicists of the Prophet's Orders prayed most fervently for pestilen to strike the fallen from the Faithful, for none but the Prophet and his most holy Hands may see into the heart where Contagion festers.

Unto the twelfth year of the High Ordained Dalseban, ever more brown-wing vraal roosted within the Chapel Technis and upon the mighty statues. The Faithful lit banefires of the dead in Prophet's Fire of the heart-vault, bringing new char to old. Thence, upon Awe of that year, the Anointed Serref came across the Void to divide by long-cannon and sword of holy armor: those who had given to Contagion; those who might return to the Faith; those yet Faithful. Purgen of the Prophet's Fire came upon a third of the Lune realm, long into the thirteenth year of the High Ordained Dalseban, and strong seals of pennoned forgen were put upon the portals of the spired Chapel Technis.

With devoted praise to the Prophet, the Faithful burned the whispers of Contagion from their number, so as to complete their holy toil upon the Great-shrine of Statues.

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