Prayer-spire of Ages
Garden of the Prophet > Red Realms

Preacher Gare will not return for several days, Brother; if this message from the Ordained Jamethe is indeed for the Preacher alone, it must be that you wait upon the hospitality of the war-shrine. You will not find our fare nor vaults lacking, for all Turyth is not Great Olimpan.

If you are so determined, you will find Preacher Gare within the prayer-spire beyond the bare hills and thin-tree hollows. The sand-winds blow not; the half-desert peasants will guide you true, for they have a great and rightful respect for our Brethren.

This also is true, Brother. The prayer-spire was Hallowed long ago in the time of the Prophet; His words are yet charred into its height and the vault-ruins around, praise be to His name! For all its white forgen is ever strong, the prayer-spire leans toward the Great Desolation and charred red glass-deserts. Yet in leaning, the highest vault looks toward the Cathedral City when the Prophet's realm is seen at night, amidst stars and least-realms. For this aspect is the prayer-spire favored by Preacher Gare; from the fall of the Unhallowed came the Faith that protects and guides.

No, I will ask no further of your duty, but to request you tarry upon your return to give news of the Cathedral and works of the Order. The Prophet's will strengthen your hands, Brother!

[ Posted by Reason on July 16, 2006 ]