The Hag-feast of Purgen
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Upon the last snows of Purgen this thrice-year, the peasants set with fervor to their preparations for the Festival of the Anointed Hasem. From the shaft of my Lady's spire, I saw the old men fish sleeping palen from the river-weeds. Yet the rain fell cold and hard enough to shadow the forest edge and vault-works of great Dasu in those days; even corven hid within the roosts and highest vaults. Would that the least of the faithful gave such devotion to my Lady's duties in the chill, high vaults!

The peasants name this festival day the Hag-feast, for of the holy works of Hasem of the frozen Kalask realm, her Purgen upon hags of the ice-forests is most told in Witan. Lay-brother Wagen has spoken wroth and rancor of this complexion of a holy festival, for he is oft to preach against peasant fantasies of hags in the Rur realm forests and Unhallowed forgen-ruins. Yet each thrice-year, the Lay-brother is laden once more with festival-works and the dreams of peasants ever more embellished.

The Prophet has brought a peaceful realm to the faithful of Witan, and His holy Order shields us from Contagion. I have spoken ill of the coffers of my Lord and the very heart of Witan emptied unto high-walled Fraberg and the Hateless Cathedral, but it is for the faithful to open their souls to the Prophet's will upon the Rur realm.

Close-guard descended the spire-ways as the sun came low upon the forest, for my Lady cannot abide the festival night. Her high vaults stood sealed to maid and guard as though ordered by the Ordained, and thus to the close-guard went pick of roast palen and pie from the long tables set upon the broad-deck.

A festival procession of peasantry masked as hags of the forest, loud in the chill vault-ways, came upward from the great-portal at dusk, as much as for each Hag-feast past. Yet Lay-brother Wagen had caused the old wooden feast-works to be prepared once more; the procession came atumble upon the broad-deck before twenty lusty peasants within a fulsome image of the Anointed Hasem's war-barque Revesk. With great fervor and strength, whither and back they blundered, with shouts for great-cannon and pennons for holy Prophet's Fire upon the false hags.

Magister Albret came from his wall-vaults to the broad-deck when all had quieted and the feast-tables emptied. He spoke the Prophet's word by high torchlight of the great-vault above the broad-deck, as was his place. I thought it well told, and worthy of the faithful of Witan in the years of my Lord's grandsire.

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