A Messenger From the Greenwood
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That's right, crawl away! Lest I take this knife to you, forward and back. Does your heart tell you I'm afeared of putting this iron to The Felled's words? You're no less a goat than these others, and soon as see my back, I'll wager, to return to playing as goatherd. Yes, and I'd soon as cut that from you, were it not to pour your sickness upon my knife.

Such rot you dwell within! Look at you, "The Blackened." What could that mean, I wonder, save for the bile beneath your skin - or mayhaps your tongue when the sickness takes you to beg the Traveler for a kind word. Best you enjoy these seasons, for one summer I'll come to slit your throat and may The Felled do as he will with me.

Listen well, now, for these are The Felled's words to you ... oh, but no! I forget! The Felled has naught to say to you but what was said before. Did you think there would be more, moon-faced and squirming to listen? You will be here until the sickness takes you, goat, and such is just as you deserve.

[ Posted by Reason on August 20, 2006 ]