Blight and Sickness to Mark the Road
The Enclave > Known Roads > Sonael

Carven staves of a disturbing design stand upright in the blight-ridden fields of Sonael, a ragged line that leads toward the gray mists of the Formless. They have stood a generation under rain, sun and snow, marking the Road for Trespassers who come from the Formless - and the sickness they bring.

Those folk of true Ammander blood who once tore up and threw down staves were long ago brought to the Traveler at the end of all Roads, slain by the sickness they sought to fight. Stones within the tumbled shrine of the Burning Truth bear their names and hide their charred bones. None are so brave in the seasons since.

So are the commonfolk and their livelihoods bowed beneath sicknesses from the Farthest Mists. So do they dwell in fear of ragged-robed Trespassers who who shamble and feel their way from stave to stave, whispering secrets best left unheard.

[ Posted by Reason on August 9, 2006 ]