Hidden Book of the Burning Truths
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Upon her last scroll of ragged goat-skin, Tella had written of what old Hephren had told. May the Traveler guide her steps, wherever she might be. Well and well, the scrolls and the book are safe within their casket and buried deep, but this I recall.

The Vessel came to a Lord's son upon the Unending Sea that is beneath the far moon, and spoke a Burning Truth to him as he slept upon the deck of a Magi tradeship. He was seized by the Truth, consumed by it whilst he slept, but upon waking it was gone. The Magi of the Vanished Isle, he who stood upon the aft-deck to raise the waves and wind to his desire, nodded wisely upon hearing the tale but would say naught. Such is the way of the Unending Sea upon the hearts of men, and the Magi became Lost thereafter because they saw no Powers in Creation.

Upon the Sea, then, and upon the Enclave coast, the Lord's son sought to capture the Burning Truth he held so briefly. The Truths of Powers drive men even by their absence, and this is just as we know. In his quest, he wrote as though to put sages of the old Ammand to shame - scroll upon scroll of all that might be known of the Vessel, bound into a book by some unknown who came after.

I know not what become of that Lord's son, nor even his name. His words were brought here by our folk who followed Krineth and the Traveler too close to the Formless. The book is within Sonael because it must be here, this I know, and Tella showed me. There must be a Burning Truth within our trials that we are yet blind to.

[ Posted by Reason on August 19, 2006 ]