Rotten Palisade
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A palisade surrounds the cottages of Sonael, leaving only the graves and old shrine beyond. Further, half-barren fields and knolls give way to the open wilderness, and Farthest, Greenwood or mists of the Formless beyond. Trunks for the palisade came from the edge of Greenwood, or perhaps from closer copses long gone to firewood, planks and roofing.

None of Sonael have given the palisade heed nor care for a generation; naught that threatens the villagefolk is to be given pause by walls and spears. Portions of the wall have fallen, and all is rotted or ill-seated. A few cut trunks have regained a portion of their vigor over the many summers since being felled, sprouting weak branchs and yellowed roots to thrust their neighbors aside.

The two carved wooden gateways stand yet, absent gates, to face each way along the Road that was, the Road no longer marked, to and from the Formless mists.

[ Posted by Reason on August 6, 2006 ]