The Blackened
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He calls himself a sage, The Blackened, but he is little more than the embittered, loose-skinned mouth of The Felled. His cottage is no less crumbled than any other within Sonael; one wall is fallen into a heap of gray stone and the gapped roof sunk atop it. It is littered with old goat leather parchment, scraped and rescraped over and over, layered with abandoned scratchings in charwater ink.

Those few in Sonael who have the heart of the Ammand within them yet would surely have stuck The Blackened upon his own knife long years ago - but The Blackened speaks for The Felled in this Lost place of sickness and misery, and the arm of The Felled is long indeed.

Those of the Formless have spared The Blackened no more than any other in Sonael; his skin is dragged with sores and his cough brings ever more blood with each passing winter. He is as much between two spears as any other here, but his hatred has long since turned from the originators of his torment to be cast upon the stricken commonfolk. In this he well serves The Felled.

[ Posted by Reason on August 6, 2006 ]