The Crying Stranger
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You are moon-faced, you both! Where would you go? Where, by the Vessel and the Truth? Would you be as the crying stranger who came from the Farthest snows these five winters past? We could not help her, nor protect her from those who come from the Formless - and may the Beautiful Stranger forgive us for that. Would you and Emme be as that, gone to a worse sickness and misery, to die Lost and without even the understanding of comfort?

No, mark my words, curse you! There is nothing yonder but more of this, ever more! The Fallen will shield her from blood gone to rot and the eye of his chained goat in the fallen cottage besides. If you hold her in your heart as I do, you'll let her go to the Greenwood in his service. Tis a better place than here, a better choice than aught other we have.

Go, let me alone - do as you will, and the Farthest take you!

[ Posted by Reason on August 7, 2006 ]