The Eyes of The Felled
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Yes, I spoke with Gerren when he came from the Greenwood to carry words between The Blackened and The Felled. His heart is black, black as rotten berries now. I know not what Decaration or curse of wizardry The Felled has worked upon him - Gerren hates us in these seasons, and will not even meet my eyes. Me, for whom he once brought flowers from the grass beyond the spoiled fields. He might have been Lost that day, and better he had - better he had than this.

Gerren said no more than you know, and I'll not go to him the next he comes here. The Felled has spoken to the black stone of his tower within the Greenwood, and this Gerren told as have the others. He wears the clasp of The Felled's eyes, just as they, and that gives my heart to cold but to see it.

[ Posted by Reason on August 26, 2006 ]