The Lost Declaration
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Go to fetch Manten from the shine, now, an be quick before the sun dips further. Resere is gone to meet the Traveler, and may his Road be easier.

There are others and more with blood and coughing, or hanging skin, or worse, but he was the last who knew. Twas before your birth, yes, and a long time ago that The Blackened's master gave a Declaration upon all you see. The brave folk then, they read it and hid the parchment to make it theirs and not to fall on everything.

I know not, no-one knows - and no-one will know. Become chosen by The Blackened's blind eye and taken to the tower in the Greenwood, and then you might ask. Might as well to wish for a Road to lead us back to the Ammand! But to talk of it, no we should not talk of it. Talk of misery and you'll hear a stranger's crying, or call those from the Formless.

No, best to talk of Resere's Road now, to a better place and free of sickness. Manten will bring fire and words of the Vessel from the shrine, and we who talk too much should find wood before dark.

[ Posted by Reason on August 12, 2006 ]