The Old Ammand in the Heart of the Young
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Denale is coming of an age, yes and yes. He listens not to the elder folk, and hides away from all that is to be done this summer season. I've seen him with the old spears racked and bound in the shrine when he thinks none are watching - yes, and seen his heart when The Blackened passes to cough blood and insults. But what use for spears but to bring worse upon us and our own? There is naught to be run through and cast down here.

Janem and Tald are no less young, and they are willing set to work as such is best, to rescue what we might from the fields afore the rot sets in. Merem too, should her sickness not worsen further; but I hope that we shall prevail as we did for her in the last summer. A fire is lit well and tended by her bedding, and may the Powers show their will through it.

By the Vessel, who is to say what might have been? I know not what became of Denale's parents, but may the Traveler have guided them to a better Road than that Sonael stands astride. I have tried as best I know, but I have not been that which they should have stayed to be - and there is nothing of the Burning Truth to shine comfort upon this.

[ Posted by Reason on August 13, 2006 ]