Trespassers From the Gray Mists and Formless
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They are in the fields! Hide, hide now! No, leave all this - yes and yes, go now and bar the door! Denale is still calling from the watchroom atop the Council Hall, moon-faced as he is - is he not to be barring doors too? Let him not put his foolishness to action, not on this day!

By the Powers, by the grace of the Beautiful Stranger, may they fill their rotten, ragged hearts with casting spoil upon the fields and not come within the village gates! Two seasons past, they laid a mark upon Faree's door - and you and I know she is sick past moving and poisoned in her blood since first snow. We burned it the very next day, and Manten watched upon the fire, and for all the good in Creation that brought. By the Vessel and the Burning Truth, may those from the Formless not come scratching at the walls and doors this day!

[ Posted by Reason on August 27, 2006 ]