Weeping Blooms Upon a Stranger's Grave
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The commonfolk of Sonael give their bodies to flames and the ashes to alcoves of the old shrine upon the end of their roads. So is the way of Burning Truth, as it has come to be this far from the Known Roads and Enclave lands. Those few strangers who come in sickness and sadness from the Farthest Field are given to the earth, however, buried and marked in the old Ammand way within low walls beyond the palisade.

In a summer season many years ago, a horned woman stumbled from the Farthest, burning, blooded and wracked by cough. For all the promises made to the Beautiful Stranger, and the caring hands of Hephran, priest of the Vessel in those seasons, the Visitor's road was short and her words her own. Only the Beautiful Stranger knows what she called and reached for in her fever. The horned Visitor was buried under carved stone and mounded soil, alongside others Lost in sickness and misfortune.

The very next year, at the time of last snow, the first red weeping blooms opened upon the grave. Each new warmth of summer seasons brought more flowers upon the stranger's graves, even as rot grew in the fields and blight came anew from the Formless. At the height of summer, rain or sun, blossoms from the Farthest wave bright in the wind and drip reddened tears upon the graves.

[ Posted by Reason on August 18, 2006 ]