A Proposal in the Manner of Dress
The Place Where Stars Fell > Mas Lirren, Prime Hireling of the Enlightened Library

Mas Temra, please rouse the glowflies. They laze in the early dark, and I will need more light if I am to comprehend this lastest innovation. Not so hard! If this last glowfly cask is broken also, I will send the one who breaks as far and wide as needed to find another.

Now, Mas Rell, this business of your clothing and its quite unusual appearance this night. You have explained, and I must say that I quite fail to grasp the significance. We are all to dress the same, you say? It seems very impractical ... are those folded leaves, and is that the missing frayment from my folding shade? No, the light of glowflies is quite sufficient. I do not see this matter any improved by transportation to the fire whence the queue reposes.

Of course I understand the need for we hirelings to show our position; we have been chosen by the Enlightened Library for our dedication and perspicaciousness in the face of all that might come from the Radiant places. This is precisely why I agreed with your nomenclature of two winters past. We all bear the additional name of Mas exactly to demonstrate this point - that we are hirelings, and all should know.

My manner of speech is, as you well know, a gift of the Library - and therefore utterly appropriate to my position. Furthermore, I fail to see how it has any bearing on this matter; my countenance is hardly to be placed in the same category as any uttered contrivance brought on by Radiance. Why, if all were one and the same, what would be the need for hirelings to ajudge and organize the queued petitioners who will await their turn in the Shadow when the sun rises?

I cannot see it. The hireling name, yes, and twice yes. This uniform ornamentation of clothing to no good end, no. No, Mas Rell, you have made your case. Were you prime hireling, appointed by the Library itself I might add, matters would no doubt be different. As it is, you must accept your lot - perhaps, as before, those waiting petitioners might prove more receptive to this innovation of yours.

[ Posted by Reason on September 10, 2006 ]