A Star Crosses the Vale
The Place Where Stars Fell > Mas Lirren, Prime Hireling of the Enlightened Library

Such inconvenience, and upon such a warm day! Twice in two summers now, and the far side of the marsh still showing the last visit. In all the Land, why does this Star of the Fallen Tower come to trouble the vale of the Library, hmm? Shaping and shining like a simple-hearted Child of Children - and followed by Hungry Dead who'll tear all to shreds. Of all our petitioners, why has naught seen fit to bring Radiant works to stop a Star from sorcery and the disruption of our work? Why indeed!

My, my, no. No, this will not do. We must leave this, and this, and whose is this sack? Your efforts are outstanding, even yours Mas Enneth, to my pleased astonishment, but there is simply no time! It is best to hope the Star takes the same steps as last summer, and that which we'll leave in the Shadow of the Library remains as we leave it. Look, even the rabbits run here and there, and half towards the marsh, now. Perhaps the Hungry Dead will destroy those ugly pillars of glass; perhaps the Star will not tear up the new saplings to build a great Radiant work.

Mas Rell, this is not the time for more of your Radiant foolery, and certainly not the time for this wheeled device again. It has never worked and shows all the signs of dramatic failure even while at rest. To think you took fine wood for such a thing in favor over another cabinet! Leave it with those similarly dubious materials abandoned by the queue in their haste to depart. Such efforts they undertake to bring us supposed Enlightenment, and how quick to abandon these contrivances in the face of adversity! It is not my place to judge the queue, but it is my place to judge your service to the Library, Mas Rell.

Come along! We must be up and over the hill posthaste with all of the most vital appurtenances; the Library requires it, and I am but here to speak the Library's will. Remember that whilst you labor beneath my grand table and shade, Mas Temra - more haste, more haste!

This is merely a greater, albeit steeper, occurance of our daily movement across the vale to follow the Shadow of the Library. Cease your complaints, and set to a more steadfast service, do you hear? There will be many eager to take your place as hireling to the Library when the queue returns! See how low the Library comes above to watch your labor!

[ Posted by Reason on September 9, 2006 ]