Bethen, the Lost Dream
Ten Thousand Gates > Conversing in the Doorway of the First Coin

It is pain, it will pass; men have no strength in the face of inconvenient hurts. The rain and whatever it contains is but a part of this dream path, no more malign than the cobbles or these cowed poor. Perhaps Leli sees something in this dirt-washed place that we cannot - and so the rain lets her pass with claws sheathed, a cat stroked rather than cursed. No Demonland this, by your meaning, but a Demonland was whence we came.

The dream has split a hundred ways of one, and there is no harm here, no great spirit to consume and narrow the dreaming in ways I have never seen. Rias has delivered us, by his word, but to where? This is no dream of the Esem women, nor realm of any spirit I have heard tale of. Whatever Rias' intent, I must return! I must return to the dream ways I know, or search out a spirit guide who might barter favor for a path to the serpent spirit I seek. I will not give up Amande's life in the face of this great unknown!

You also, Ulvath, and Leli who dances there to the call of her heart - whatever shape of spirit you both may be, you are apart and far, lost as I. You must return, for all have a place in the dream realms and to leave that place is to risk death and worse.

Curse as you will, warrior, the path is for three; you and Leli as guides and allies. That much is clear to me by the dream itself, even as I cannot see it in my heart. A mere warrior and careless girl as allies against a venom spirit and these trials beforehand; I cannot see it, but the dream speaks to me and this is as it will be.

As to Rias and your anger - you will met him again, like as is not, and be free to call him as you will, but he is more and greater than we. Heart and body, he is no more than the pinprick at the dagger's point, just as the dread cast from that great door in the Void. He has branded this dream path by his presence, and branches curve back to meet his mark once more.

[ Posted by Reason on September 30, 2006 ]