Beware the Physicen
Garden of the Prophet > Chantry of Medicia

Let not the Brethren of the Order stray from the Chapel Medicis to the physicen of the low decks and village they knew as children. The exhortation of armor and long-cannon is your shield, just as the word of the Prophet upon the flesh of the Faith is theirs. The Prophet's seed is clenched beneath the never-healing scar in shield of our hearts; we live the life of years in His service. The medicia of peasant and least of the faithful is not for we dutiful Hands of the Prophet.

Watch you those peasant physicen with faith foremost in the heart and you will be guided by the Prophet. These least of the faithful might speak with the Prophet's words, or be the riverbed upon which whispers of Contagion flow. It is the duty of the Medicist to watch for such, just as Preachers look to the hearts of the peasantry.

Motificen, flux, plague and ague are cast upon the faithful as a judgement of the Prophet: faltering of Faith; punishment of the Unhallowed untethered from ancient tower-ruins; whispers from the Void made apparent upon the flesh. The fall of but one soul into the sickness of Contagion may bring bloody flux upon a fortress - but a warning of what will come lest Brethren of the Order root out the seeds of heresy.

In times of plague the devoted Medicist seeks first the physicen of peasant superstition, who give not instruction in the Faith, and cast madness upon the lowest decks. Bring forth these physicen and search their hearts most closely for the signs of Contagion. In wisdom and long service to the Prophet's will, I give you this charge.

[ Posted by Reason on September 24, 2006 ]