Observance on the Twenty-Ninth Day of Spire
Garden of the Prophet > Calend of the Faithful

Upon this twenty-ninth day of Spire, the Faithful of the Prophet's Garden gather to give praise in remembrance of the Hallowing of the Ganamed realm by the great Void-cathedral Yeuve.

In Spire Yeuve bore the Hateless Order across the Void of the Lesser Suns, from the Prophet's judgement upon Erope to bring Faith to the savages of the Ganamed realm. With mighty pillars of the Prophet's Fire did Yeuve set to rest upon the hill-lands of thin-tree forest, and with great prayer did Ordained make a Holy of that place in the Prophet's name.

The savages who dwelled amongst the ruined vault-works of the Unhallowed made wings of cloth and savage forgen, and flew by leaps from rock, yellow thin-tree and high vault. Light as a feather tugs the Ganamed realm upon the Faithful, and close presses the Void. The savages knew not of the Faith nor the Prophet's wisdom, and thus Contagion whispered to their hearts. Hateless Brothers went forth from Yeuve with armor and long-cannon, in war-barque and upon tread of heavy forgen, to teach Faith to the savages and burn Contagion in holy Prophet's Fire where it fouled the Ganamed realm.

Hateless Technists toiled upon new vault-works and spires, tall as tall upon the Gananed realm hill-lands. In high leaps, higher than the tallest spire of the Red Realms, did Hateless Brothers exhort their armors, to pull savages from their wings and teach them Faith. Hateless Preachers journeyed in courage and noble duty to speak the Prophet's words beneath a Lesser Sun.

In Spire, great-bells of new-blessed forgen, pennoned in the Prophet's banner, first called the savages to prayer and learning. So the Prophet's hands shield souls from Contagion come from the Void, and such was the first Hallowing of the Ganamed realm. Raise up your voice in praise of the Prophet's compassion upon this holy day, and give service to your Order with glad duty in your heart.

[ Posted by Reason on September 17, 2006 ]