They Whisper of Their Lives, Over and Again
The Place Where Stars Fell > Dead Hallas, Who Carries Upward

This is not the first that Tanne of the tenth step above has seen these tall steps. Her flesh would have fallen lest the Star of the Cloud Balcony had shone a hundred hands to work the sorcery of Stars. Tanne is almost faded like the Old Dead, racked and placed as skulls to whisper of their lives, over and over again.

The Old Dead do not care who listens between their duties of counting and counting again, and nor will Tanne care who listens while she climbs under sacks of rough diamond. She tells again of the Blue Rock Vale that you and I will never see, and one who caught her heart when she had blood and life to feel.

These Dead like you and I, as we climb to ask the Mountain Star what will become of us. We will recall the question if we but try, we will not be like Tanne and the Old Dead. Speak to me again of our climb, of the Stars, of this Mountain Tower of diamond and sorcery - tell me the tales that I have told you.

[ Posted by Reason on September 4, 2006 ]