Ulvath, the Dying King's Champion
Ten Thousand Gates > Conversing in the Doorway of the First Coin

Aye, King's Champion, and never to die facing a foe with ax raised. So did Tulsrealm grow great! Foul beast before and foul rain behind, and you to speak of fair and foul as one and the same - and silver dagger in your hand whilst the words were on your tongue. Witch for a mother, but father from the Spear Hall, say I.

Ho, foul beast! Broad and tall, fat and grey you are, but long of teeth and troll-fast - and man-speech and man-thoughts behind those eyes. This I see, and my name is Ulvath, that you might know!

See, it thinks how best to cast us forth from this arch and passage, and wonders if it can. I need no witchery to tell me of the ways of man and beast - aye, nor troll and demon. Speak as you will woman, and thence will be what will be.

[ Posted by Reason on October 7, 2006 ]