A Gathering at the Spirebase Retreat of Inquisitor-Minor Ru-Tariy
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[Tabula vocis ex machina scriptus :: signo temporis 3.938.804 M41
Librarum Arcanus of Inquisitor Hrald Belsepan
Inquisitor-Minor Lammis Ru-Tariy]

It was most gracious of you all to attend. To your health.

I am sure you are pondering my choice of centerpiece. It is a catalogued disassembly of a servitor scheduled for maintenance rituals, taken from Tech-Adepts of the fortress adjunct facilities on midspine level 210. Biology is to the left, electromechanics to the right. Notice the knife scarring here and here, and the inactive low-hive electrotat; there would no doubt be an Arbites Sibellus offender brand were that flesh incorporated into this servitor.

As you might know, the biology of most servitors employed by the Scintillan Conclave was once owned by blasphemers and Denialists, or other undesirables and lesser heretics netted by Arbites and Ministorum adepts. They are herded aboard Merchant House Klave lift-shuttles once each year and sent to the innermost world, Bitrith's Well, for processing.

Bitrith's Well is a molten, scorched, airless waste, touched by the sun's fingers. The processing facilities are buried somewhere within or beneath the ruins of a pre-Imperial fortress of massive extent. The condemned are herded into the fortress seal gates, and servitors come forth to fill the lift-shuttles for the return to Scintilla. No Klave shuttle crew sees those who process heretics into the tools of the Ordos, and nor have they in living memory.

My intent in inviting you here, Inquisitors-minor, worthy Adepts, is merely to share this fine jelliq, come to me all the way from Fenksworld, and offer some entirely hypothetical observations.

For example, hypothetically, if one were to research how and when the Ordos and Mechanicum laid down the compacts and manufactory to create servitors for the Scintillan Conclave, one would find only the shreds indicative of an old deletion order. Hypothetically, one might find oneself the recipient of sudden and unwelcome attention from greater Inquisitorial powers for reasons that remain unclear.

Equally, if, hypothetically, a curious Inquisitor was to smuggle adepts into the fortress of Bitrith's Well, he might well gain reports of a hellish place wherein the least of blasphemers are tormented beyond endurance in rituals that bear a passing resemblance to those of the Archenemy. Hypothetically, hints of a certain vanished Inquisitor-General of formerly high favor might be uncovered, she who was driven to insanity by her loathing of heresy some three hundred years ago.

This is all complete speculation, I hasten to add, and nothing of worth to be repeated to others.

From those Ordo actions we have shared across the years, I am given to think that you all believe it is better to seek forgiveness than permission. Hypothetically, if one was inclined to place resources towards a bold act of arms and invasion for the betterment of the Ordo, one might imagine that the Seven Hall Manse of Inquisitor Hrald Belsepan would be a place to muster ten days from now.

[ Posted by Reason on March 22, 2008 ]