A True Accounting of the Emperor's Hammer Fallen Upon Eophism
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[Tabula vocis :: Transcriptor-Designate O-Exys-I-34 :: signo temporis 4.028.809 M41
Shrine of the Bronze Aquila :: Orbitus Brul (Abandoned) :: Sozomen's Last Stand
Inquisitor-Minor Om Quall]

Seventh is in your hands now, divine Emperor of all Mankind. She confided in me her doubts as the years passed and the gate to death still eluded her, but I believe that adversity only strengthened the core of her faith. Treat her spirit well, for she has served supremely. I will miss her wisdom and her gunblades in our struggle against the Archenemy. Forgive me my lies of convenience to the Sectmasters of Dame Mortis, for they would not understand the form of strength Seventh found, and the continuation of our compact strengthens the Ordo.

God-Emperor, give your blessings upon this small end brought to centuries of hidden and subtle heresy. Guide us as your instrument of chastening, and we will do our duty by the Golden Throne once more.

Hurr. These bones tire, and even kneeling becomes a holy penance. Well, let me to work. Events will not record themselves, and I have but a short while before Indagatori Tenth and the adepts of Tech-Priest K'tal ready the void-sail and orbitus lazarray for transport to the outer bodies.

Scriptor, attend. Attend me, closer.

I, Om Quall, declare this a true accounting. The final working of this mechanism of heresy was revealed to us aboard the aerial harvest-wing Lux Templum. The despised True Eophites that spawn from Sozomen's Last Stand hide their perversion of Imperial Creed in the harvest tech-works: in corrupted central shrines of the great flying wings; in the depths of refinery tower-stacks; in hidden vaults of the harvester docks. For every hundred Emperor-fearing harvestman, working honestly to thresh the swarming ifiid from the skies, there is one True Eophite, lurking like the poison in the Granter's Supper.

The Eophites captured by my Indagatori in the refinery base decks of Tolgen's Flame gave up their kin under Interrogator Drin's touch. They were lesser heretics, ignorant and far distant from the rotten heart of the Eophite creed, captivated only by their own cupidity and selfish desire. Branded, chained, and placed to work in the waste pits, these fallen at least have been returned to the Imperial fold, for which we may give thanks.

We ascended by Arbite ornithopters from Tolgen's Flame to the Lux Templum, a month in harvest amongst the high cloudscape swarms. The ifiid of the high atmosphere are a more fearsome proposition than the thin flying strands that flock the refinery towns, and Arbitrator Rulteth's craft was forced from our formation before the Lux Templum even came upon the auspex. The heretics of the harvest-wing surmised our purpose from the first, and opened fire from heavy bolter emplacements upon the lower wing surface and within the ornithopter dock. The Emperor protects, for a river of thick-bodied ifiid burst about the wing, soaking up their fire whilst we were at our most vulnerable.

Tenth took two Indagatori through the upper hatches, leaping from their ornithopter to cut entrance through bronze and ceramite with their power blades. Seventh, I, and an Arbite squad under Sergent Byre affected entrance through the ornithopter dock. Metal shield panels set about the heretic bolter positions were no match for the gunblade marksmanship of the Indagatori Mortis, and the remaining Aribites ornithopters were voxed in once the way had been made clear.

Signs of the Eophite were everywhere within the harvest-wing's decks and cramped work spaces. The Circle of Seven Parts, the tailed worship mats, the three-headed post. I doubt one in ten of these heretics knew the true purpose or meaning of any of these hated materials, however, and no True Eophite survived the action. The cost: nine Arbite officers and Seventh, the longest serving of my Indagatori. I commend all to the Emperor's mercy, for they served well. Further, I wish it noted that the Adeptus Arbites of Tolgen's Flame responded with excellence to the heresy in their midst, once given the means and direction to do so.

The last resistance of the heretic harvest crew was broken in the central, crystal-floored shrine of the Lux Templum. Their defense suggested Guard or PDF Legio Sozumen training, buying time whilst the shrine Pater accomplished some work of destruction. It was here that Seventh found her death, bringing the blessing of Dame Mortis to what I am certain was a True Eophite, caught in the act of severing the next link in the chain.

That next link is long, and has brought us to the old orbital structures, abandoned at the same time as the hive spineworks, many centuries ago. The void-sails and their powering lazarrays remain ready, however, for the Tech-Priesthood is diligent and respectful of resting, entombed machine spirits.

The Arbites and my Indagatori recovered only burned scrolls and smashed dataslates from the Lux Templum shrine, but Savants Emvil and Tornissius have deciphered much from this deliberate wreckage that is new to the Ordo. The Eophite heresy is ancient indeed, I have learned, for its seed came here from the Segmentum Solar soon after the Angevinian Crusade. The True Eophites hold holy one - and only one - of the haired stars that swoop about Sol Sozomen, for a palace was built upon that body in the void by the First Eophite Ta Gestu. From that palace is their despicable "truth" carried to the Brothers of Eophe, and from that foundation is a sect of heresy constructed.

We go soon, by void-sail and armed well, to that one haired star amongst many determined by Tornissius. There we will purge the root of Eophite heresy from the system of Sozomen's Last Stand.

Scriptor, there is no more for now. Leave me.

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