Beasts of Unclean Fire
Aurealogi Belsepanium > Anni Aureum > Tainted, Dying Encantos III

[Chartus ex servitor scriptus :: adaphelus-12r :: signo temporis 5.327.810 M41
Castrum Arbites 12 (abandoned) :: Hive Alasam :: Encantos III]

Y: Lady Anya Yisebele, Ordo Primus
D: Tech-Adept Eriz, Ordo Secondus by Compact
T: Magister Mortis Tamam
M: Preacher Mufeed

D: The scriptor-skull is attentive, the runes set. Ink flows and the quill-dendrites are supple. All is in readiness, Mistress.

Y: Bring them in.

M: Praise Saint Fadi and the divine Emperor, that the Ecclesiarchy Solae has sent you Mistress. Praise be!

T: Get up, you forget yourself! Show dignity before faushi, before anyone not of the blood of the Saint, no matter their rank. Get up and tell her what you told me when the Mestra blew strong last year - when I swore you to silence.

M: Tauda! The holy waters, the eternal silver of the Saint, blessed in the Emperor's name, it is become corrupted. I, myself, with my own eyes saw a beast of the Unclean Fire breach the Saint's silver conduits in the Water Templum, fall from the water within to scream at the bones of the blessed.

T: And you ran in fear from your charge as Priest-Ossuarist.

M: I am but a man, Magister, a holy servant - what can I do but warn when the Prophet Aben-Ubade's words become true? The beasts of fire below swim within the holy water, and thence carried upon the wind before the end! This is the Testing Time, that the holy Emperor brings upon us in our end years.

T: So you told them all, despite my charge upon you, didn't you? How else do the False Hopeful preach their deceitful whisters of this to the Quietened and the faithful, and send their forbidden young through ducts and past the vault seals to steal adiamante conduit-fragments from the Water Templum ossuary?

Y: Be silent, Magister. Preacher, describe to me this beast, in plain and simple terms.

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