Carta Imprimus of the Encantos III Assessment
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[Epistola Astropathica :: signo temporis 4.234.810 M41
Crypta Datum Peculiaris :: Inquisitor-Minor Om Quall]

My Lord, Inquisitor Quall,

This world of Encantos III lies under a taint, subtle and blown in the winds. Adept Gelcreth felt it from the deserted orbitus docks, was greatly disturbed and would come no further to the desert hive-tombs. He remains yet upon the Lord-Captain's vessel, reading the tarot and consulting with the Astrometrix-Elect on the pattern of star portents.

The taint here is not in the unorthodoxy of the Encantite veneration of Prophets and Saint Fadi, nor in their heathen element-worship. Nor is in their outlaws and false-speakers, the struggles of the Hopeful to escape Emperor-blessed Imperial auguries and the adiamante tracks of the Eschatologus. There will always be the ignorant and desperate who kick and scream at what is fated by the God-Emperor, and we have seen no obvious marks of Eophism in their struggles against what is ordained.

The Hopeful are merely the most obvious symptom of a spiritually troubled world. There are many sects as False Hopes, ranging from the tolerated Faithless, who have merely lost sight of the eternal processional, to the outlaws who bear children in the dark hive depths, and steal the Faithful from their Magister-assigned tasks. Is there heresy there? Undoubtably: those who place the Saint above the Emperor, and the old Prophets above the Saint. Those who believe in the Unclean Fire at the heart of the world, and old prophecies of the end times. Those who simply deny the legitimacy of the Eschatologus, or the Imperial auguries that confirm it.

There are Denialists upon every world of the Imperium, I sometimes believe. I am fated to lose some part of my skin to each, and I confess that I do not look forward to discovering which flesh the Denialists of this world will steal from me. But are these least heresies the source of the taint, the malaise we all feel? There is a palpable oppression here, a weight that works upon us, and I cannot believe these commonplace blasphemers and their unorthodoxies could be the source of it.

Upon our second day in the highwall wind spaces of Hive Alasam, cultists of the Solae Hopeful rose from the inner ossuary darkness. They overwhelmed the sparse honor guard about our transport-orbitus and flew in desperation to the high void docks. The wall-hab conclave of Magisters Mortis were furious, but these cultists were poor heretics indeed. They harmed no-one, offered no fight, and had no clear goals past the glimmering rumor of a voidship above. They were families of the old bearing little more than bundled rags and scroll-slates, easily gathered from the empty processionals and dock-vaults by the Lord-Captain's security troop.

Magister Mortis Tamam illuminated my questions regarding his frustration: the Hopeful reject their Emperor-given duties and gifts by rejecting the Eschatologus. They cannot be punished, for they have already inflicted the worst of all punishments upon themselves. They certainly cannot be given the quietus drugs and their deathmark in the grand tome of the Eschatologus, for that is an honor for these Faithful. The Hopeful remain in the Lord-Captain's cells, until such time as I can spare Adept Dramen to usefully process them.

The events and reports that led you to assign us here were similarly barren of immediate portent, though, as for the Hopeful, redolent of the taint upon Encantos. The adiamante waterworks and aquaconduits are holy to the hivedwellers, and any rumor of damage or impurity that might stain their eternal nature swells the Hopeful Denialists, Prophecites and those who believe in the Saint's return to protect them from the Unclean Fire. A single priest saw what he took to be a daemon in the Aquatemplum, in his ignorance, and the Prophecite Hopeful have plagued the wall-habs since that time a year ago.

With the efforts of Adepts Drame and Oltagin, and the knowledge of the Tech-Adept seconded to my service by the Lord-Captain, I have been able to establish this "daemon" as either servitor or member of a forgotten clade of aquaconduit menial. Adept Oltagin, while within an aquasuit constructed by the Lord-Captain's Tech-Adept, was assaulted by two specimens within the greater waterway beneath the Aquatemplum ossuary pits. He had the presence to retrieve the corpses; their implants and aqua-agumentics match the fanciful descriptions provided by the priest. These menials are as perturbed as the rest of the small remainder of the hive population.

I have tasked my companions to take rebreather and lumen into the dark hive core in search of the more active Hopefuls, and the leaders and least-heretics behind recent unrest - and also any sign of overt heresy, Eophite devices or warp-craft. Further, to descend the hivewall and initiate contact with the Tech-Priests who oversee the Eschatologus from hivebase Machine Cult vaults, and assay their state. As for myself, I will return to the orbitus docks and the Lord-Captain's vessel; I have come to feel that the path to the answer upon Encantos is to be found in Adept Gelcreth's prognostications.

Your eternal servant,

Lady Anya Yisebele

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