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[Autocodicillus of Savant Pius Missen :: signo temporis 6.900.805 M41
Chapel Silencia :: Grim Light :: Empyreal Route
Adept-Militant Tisella Ivanesta]

There you are. You can't hide from me behind shelves and old tomes. I don't know why the Lady Matulite hasn't had this is all put to the pyre and cleared for better use - she doesn't seem to value it much, judging from the dust in the vaultways.

Whilst you have been lurking away here, doing little of any good, I have accomplished something of value at least. I admit I had thought this was the Inquisitor's way of punishing me, sent aboard a Matulite sect tradeship for a half-year watch over petty merchant house intrigues and a backwater system of uncivilized seedworld settlers, but it isn't all bad. The crew are as dull and monkish a band of Dreahans as I've ever seen, prayerslates and robes, half the ship a doleful shrine, and never a leer, but Artius Klave and his House retainers know how to live. He is most charmingly decadent, with a loose tongue and a delightful taste in strong young men - his hand-picked servants and bodyguards might have little choice in what he does with them, but they're all too interested in me.

Don't look so disapproving. What reward is work without pleasure? You play at lettered ascetism, but I see you glancing when you think I won't notice.

Don't you want to know what I've learned from my latest conquest? He was very eager to please, and seems to know more than his delicate ears should have heard. The last remnants of House Cambellon have divested their holdings on Scintilla, but sit upon a great treasure in their estate on Quaddis. A microvault of archeodata, generations old and tamper-sealed with a genokey based upon House Cambellon gene patterns - but the fools cannot open it, having diluted their blood with that of commoners. This entire expedition for a single dead scion's remains - and the much-heralded birthright contract - are all to provide additional gene patterns that House Klave believes will allow the Magos Biologis to safely force the microvault.

Do you know how many scints this cost? All the equipment, the chartered vessel, the House contracts, the retainers, the armsmen, the savants? They think it is worth it, for the contents of a data crystal smaller than your eye. I might be trapped upon a vessel of Dreahan monks headed into emptiness and seedworld backwaters for six months or more, but now I have something to find out, and a stable of willing young eyes and ears in the Klave expedition to assist me. I think I shall quite enjoy the challenge.

I suppose that by simple division of labor, my chosen path leaves interrogatory dialog with the Matulites up to you - I'm sure you have the temperament necessary to establish a rapport. Please don't frown, it doesn't suit you.

[ Posted by Reason on March 25, 2008 ]