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Capsa scientia of Savant Jonus Toll
Savant Jonus Toll]

Let me explain. The preparations for action against the Talst Station Solis are the latest accomodation in the long clash over tech-heresy in the sub. Lesser tech-heresy has been endemic upon Scintilla for two hundred years, since the decades in which tech-heretics like Ryne and Puloparis wrested secrets from the Mechanicus and spread them far and wide amongst their follows and outlaw gangs. You know that any Scintillan who so desires can find vox-workers, augmentites and crude scofflaw tech-devices in the low-habs. But on other worlds, such would be cause for a pogrom of the Machine Cult, or a withdrawal of their blessings. Here, the Tech-Priests have been wrestled to a moody impass.

The Noble and Mechant Houses of course. It is their continued support, an open secret, that enables tech-heresy to flourish beyond the domains of the narcolords, smugglers and pirates they trade with. A lesser tech-heretic of skill is a valuable commodity, traded between the outlaw factions just like the tech-devices they value. Knowledge trickles back to the hives from renegade tech-adepts who serve pirate kings of the Hazeroth sub, and the Houses continue to push the Mechanicus in the degree to which tech-heresy is accepted.

I believe the present Governor to side with the Houses; it is to the benefit of the Imperial authorities here for the situation to continue. Occasionally, they will do their part to placate the Machine Temples when calls to declare Scintilla Excommunicatus become particularly loud. The riots five years back, for example, when the Arbites were charged to suppress the teaching of vox-tech principles in the scholarums and Universitas Lux Imperium, and raid the low-habs to destroy lesser tech manufactories.

So to the Station Solis in the otherwise deserted Talst system, an outpost of the Divine Astrometricum, one of the lesser and disfavored Factions Theologic of the Golgenna Tech-Priesthood. The station is massively void-shielded, dipping into the heated stream of star matter between a Sol Magna and Sol Quietus that orbit one another. The Tech-Priests of the Astrometricum occupy but the least part of the structure, much of has become wild with plants from former biologis gardens.

All of this may be false, of course. I paraphrase the information provided by the Mechanicus, as background for their claim that Astrometricum Tech-Priests are in league with the outlaw raider Qualsoon Deem, and therefore to be destroyed. The Station Solis provides a base for Deem's two pirate vessels, so we are told. I suspect it more likely that this latest demand of the Tech-Priesthood, a trade made for another few years of quietus on the matter of tech-heresy, is a partnership of convenience between Magos Ralwure the Golden here upon Scintilla and unknown Magi of the Lathes. Ralwure will clip another link in the chain of tech-heresy he has been patiently disassembling these past two decades, whilst Magi who seek a vengence against the Astrometricum will achieve it without blood on their hands.

Deem is more important to the Mechanicus for his part in conveying their secrets to the smugglers of Scintilla than for slaving Tech-Priests or slaughtering Imperial citizens in the void. The Battlefleet will be only too happy to add his skull to their long list of trophies.

Much of this is supposition upon my part, and I am no correlator. However, there must be those within the Ordo who have surmised more than I, or are possessed of a greater knowledge of the Station Solis and Qualsoon Deem than I, else the Conclave Calixis would not be involved in this matter. Preparations continue, and we shall simply have to wait for Inquisitor Nomen to divulge what it is he and Hrald Belsepan know that I do not.

[ Posted by Reason on March 23, 2008 ]