Hunting Xenos Assassin's Tools in Noble Spire Vaults
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[Vox-record, servitor auscultavus :: signo temporis 3.003.806 M41
Armorium Alpha :: Ordo Missio Fortress :: Hive Voltis :: Scintilla
Adept-Militant Bothe Ume]

God-Emperor, I don't know what to take up the Travodius for this one. Here, you look at what came down the pict-line ... no, start at the back - the Master of Actions always puts the worst of it at the back. The Inquisitor gave his blessing, put us out as ancillary to the Missio, got Jonus to work on what he does best, and said to use our discretion. So we're it, along with squad beta-1 and Adept Misrael for the parts that need High Gothic and formal dress.

That's his life, should have been born to it. I've never even been that high up the Hive spine, where the vaults are gold and platinum. Enough wealth and power to squash the whole hive flat in any Klave spiretop.

Flamers, yes. That's what I thought too, seeing that pict from Jonus. A lot of blood and ugly. But they'll let flamers - us with flamers - past the hard seals in the Travodius Spire on the day that the vision of Saint Drusus returns to the House Klave trancepts, flanked by all the angels of the Imperium - and not one moment earlier. So fire's out, plasma's out, and anything else that with that sort of spread.

These xenos bug-worm-teeth-things are for soft targets, that much of this seems straightforward. Finger-sized, only become aggressive with the right chemicals - a heretic assassin's weapon. They're fast, Jonus says, can leap across a room, and they'll dig their way into organs real quickly. That only works on people who panic, or go in unprepared.

Someone doesn't like House Cambellon, House Klave, or whoever it is now sealed up tight with corpses and House guards, but that's not for us to worry about right this minute. It makes you wonder how the Ordo uncovers events, though. By the Master's slate it's been, what, not more than half a day and the lightside Spire is sealed tight still. You and I, we have our sources where we know what's what, but this is a whole different level. Best be prepared for some pushback from the House guard and the seal gates, but that's what Misreal is for.

No, you think these xenos animals are going be still long enough to let you pick them off the parts of the vaultworks that didn't cost more than both our lives and this armorium besides? I'd say that multineedler's no more likely to get us in than the flamer. Let's keep it simple. Unpleasant, but simple. Full carapace, the kind with the joint seals but strip the extra shot-plates for mobility, use a hard-mask from the Arbites II model, and something like a small shock club. And a ceramite container. Yes, you heard. Read back past the xenoclassification runes and the spire map - the Correlators will want an undamaged sample for the xenoscept. I said it was unpleasant.

Of course I'm taking the Hysi. I didn't say I was going without some sort of handarm. I said we won't be using it on the xenos, since the House scions aren't going to let us anywhere near their precious manse vaults with any sort of real hardware. The Master's taking the velvet glove approach for the first look, at least, let the House feel like they're in control. We'll see how Misreal takes that when we see him on the landing deck.

Read the rest of the summaris and get the squad working on the carapace setup. Let them know they'll be crushing xenos for the God-Emperor - but bring the standard wargear as backup. We've got maybe thirty minutes, and then we're flying crosshive.

Well, you know how the higher Adepts think. We'll worry about that when the xenos are dead or in the buckets, but it can't hurt to keep a couple of the troopers back with Misreal to ensure House Cambellon and their retainers remain in place until the Master and the others arrive. They'll be wanting to ask pointed questions, I don't doubt.

[ Posted by Reason on March 25, 2008 ]