Kind Words From the Dead
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[Adnotamentum vocis :: signo temporis 6.045.813 M41
Savant Jonus Toll]

I was surprised to find this fragment amongst more personal records in what remains of Hrald Belsepan's datavaults. Grambald, for all his diligent maintenance of the low-habber's exterior, would have appreciated the degree to which the Inquisitor valued his words.

[Vox record, servitor notatus :: signo temporis 4.611.804 M41
Spatium Retundo 3 :: Ordo Missio Fortress :: Hive Voltis :: Scintilla
Adept-Militant Grambald]

So we's out of the data temple and down in them metal sheaf trees and vox spires again, and the air's got a rething angry feel to it, like blood in your mouth. I look back and sure as reth, there's glowing shapes that hurt behind the eye, all over the armor sheathing on the towers where the prayer picts used to be, and I thought "well, that's that - we naffed up the sneaking around but good."

Bothe, he breaks out a fresh rotary mag, looks at the Inquisitor and says "A lot more than you thought. That's going to take about what? A regiment, with armor support?" Hard as voidburn that one, once the barrels are hot.

Says the Inquisitor, "We'll have a legion from the Magos if that's what it takes, but let's start with orbital bombardment now that they've shown their hand. We can find the source of their heresy in the wreckage."

Now it took rething more than turning one data temple into a crater to deal with the rething Machine Coven - guns in the face, blades on metal and half the tech guard from Nordus Manufactory by the time all was said and done - but that's all yer need to know about the Inquisitor. Comes the time, "let's start with orbital bombardment."

[ Posted by Reason on March 23, 2008 ]