On the Trail of Squig-Seed and War
Aurealogi Belsepanium > Anni Aureum > Beneath Portae on Sign of the Starry Order

[Vox-record :: signo temporis 3.300.806 M41
Cellula scriptus :: Seven Hall Manse :: Hive Voltis :: Scintilla
Savant-Archivite Torvallus of Prol]

Yes, squig-seed, which he insists can be found in the filth levels beneath the Portae Interdictus of Hive Tarsus. If he knows that already, why does he take my valuable time from validation of the Indexus Erratus? Hn? Erros Gyfund is ever demanding the most unreasonable research.

I have not the slightest idea. Do I look like a Centurist, eyes maddened by the lust to hoard? That information is irrelevant, of yesterday. Done and gone. How does it help me to know what unsavory endeavor Gyfund will undertake with his xenos material?

Look! Indexus Arbites from fifty years since the Tarsus Underhive War. Here, an impromptu dataslate of slang for hive squig. Old Toothy. The Green. Greenytooth. Legbiters. Dataslates from the Legio Portae Tarsus for the same period. A pict terminus to the Hive Tarsus Administratum cogitatis vaults - I am a plague upon their days already. Did you know that squig-hunter is not an Approved Profession, and therefore there are no squig in Hive Tarsus? Only vermin. Big, toothy, green vermin sometimes, but vermin.

Such power, the Administratum archivists of Scroll Vault Tarsus Prime, to vanish what they are told to vanish - slide a word right underneath another word. We archivists control the galaxy, would that bodyfiends like Gyfund realized their lesser role.

Here, Mortalis and Carta Permissus lists for vermin-hunters of Hive Tarsus, twice as large as for Hives Sibellus and Voltis combined. Even granting the Tarsus solution to the low-hive - seal it and place a legion atop it - that is excessive, is it not? This, look! The Learned Treatese of the Orkoid Xenos by Magos Biologis Ambiveen. Did you know that squig flesh will grow up through vents and block them solid rather than form a viable beast? Look, ritual maintenance screed-crystals, for decades, from the Spine Brethren and Reactor Priests. Do you know what a plasma coil housing looks like wrapped in squig flesh? Now I do, and I am not the better for it, I assure you!

No, far from enough! He wants squig-seed, and I will localize it for him to the very cubic meter of space, or not at all!

[Vox-record :: signo temporis 3.302.806 M41
Cellula scriptus :: Seven Hall Manse :: Hive Voltis :: Scintilla
Savant-Archivite Torvallus of Prol]

I wouldn't dream of asking that vulgar low-hiver. Grambald is Hive Voltis serf-stock, not Tarsus, and this all took place a decade before he was whelped into filth and bulkhead rust. What insight could he possibly have of the Underhive War? I will not have his coarse and ignorant anecdotes diluting my search.

But what of origins? Clearly, by the Eternal Golden Throne and my untiring labor, there were no squig vermin in the Tarsus Interdictus levels prior to the Underhive War. Not one iota, one shred, one datum. Nothing! After Inquisitor Tor crushed Vault-Lord Xercos, here the reports, there the slang. Squig in the vents, squig eating children, squig-seed sold by gang-masters in the spoil lands.

Yes, our very own vanished Inquisitor Almus Tor, who taught Inquisitor Belsepan all he knew. Look, here - from Belsepan's own librarum, Tor's view of the Underhive War, hand-scribed in Oxis Black upon silversheaf by Savant Mercus.

Of course the squid-seed came from Kulth! Obviously. But this is not a seal-vault. Are we correlators? No. Is this the Principia Compositus? No. Only the proven, recorded fact and truth do we admit to our research. Correlation is a shabby, second best approach, suited to lettered scribes of little rigor, better suited to a life behind the pict-terminal. Here, I have made an inroad into the movements of Imperial Guard between the Malfean and Golgenna subsectors, and a sketched Indexus of possible routes for squig-seed from Kulth to Scintilla in the year that Xercos the Ugly rose to Vault-Lord.

An impossible task! To find corrupt Windriders who brought squid-seed to sell to low-hivers fifty years past? Impossible! Thusly I shall discard this effort. To the fires with it, to the furnace with my notes! Thus is the rightful Pyratic way - no clutter, focus the mind.

[ Posted by Reason on March 22, 2008 ]