Remnants of an Archeoexpedition
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[Voxslate :: signo temporis 3.815.805 M41
Ocular Celestrum Dexter :: Ordo Missio Fortress :: Hive Voltis :: Scintilla
Master-Correlation Ambrise Larrel]

I must apologise for the last minute change of agenda. Correlator-Assignate Bartu brought this to my attention yesterday, and its significance by the Metrica Compositus exceeds that of the planned examination of echoes from the Shrine Iridius Heresy. Interrogator Randt, Adept Ume, I will forgive you an early departure; I do not believe this matter to be of as great an interest to your associates.

If I can draw your attention to the silversheaf. It is a servitor transcript of a vox record originating from an archaeodig upon the largest dust moon in the Settlement 228 system.

"Armsmen Grild and Maxentil have not returned. There are now ten of us remaining, counting House Seer Volub, who remains in a catatonic state despite our best efforts. We have excavated too deeply, or something is here in these tunnels with us, come from above. Which it is is of no matter; what is, is. I have unsealed the armatorium casks and divided their contents. We will take the lasguns and heavy stubbers, and leave the demolition charges as a trap for those who took Grild, Maxentil and the others. I have ordered the expedition, such as it remains, to make ready the undamaged suspensor platforms. We will attempt a navigation of the uncleared gamma-upper corridors and shaftways of this maze to a speculative secondary entry in the hills above the prime encampment. From there, we may have more options - to stay where we are is to be carved away to nothing, one by one."

The vox record is twelve years old, made by scion Tyreus of then-House Minor Cambellon. It came to the attention of the Ordos through a correlation between vanishment of the Cambellon archeodig expedition and Index Oblivius references to Inquisitorial action upon that dust moon three hundred years ago, during pre-Settlement surveys. Unfortunately, that history is lost to us, archived in the Fenksworld Librarum Primus until its destruction. We have uncovered no knowledge of what or who was involved in our further inquiries.

The vox record was returned, along with archeodig devices and materials, by the expedition secondus, originally intended to replace the expedition primus. They left the dust moon shortly after assessing the dig site and retrieving what little was to be found. The archeodig was a financial disaster for House Minor Cambellon. The Lords Cambellon have since entered into a birthright contract with the Yonu branch of House Klave, as yet another reluctant consolidation of Houses Minor under the Lords Klave.

I am presently petitioning the Klave Spires for access to datavaults and archives of the material recovered from the expedition primus. I would welcome, Inquisitor, your more weighty petition to the same ends. It is, as you point out, hard to assign an accurate priority in absence of greater knowledge of the archeoruins and artifacts recovered. I can be certain that there was nothing of an overtly heretical or unorthodox xenos origin, for Ordo adepts were given access to the materials soon after their return. The reports are lacking in detail, however. All we have been able to discover is the vox record, cogitators containing archeoruin maps and inventories, and some few picts of nondescript artifacts and tunnels.

Why are we discussing this today, rather than lesser heresies in the Iridius forests? Quite. House Klave is in the final stages of initiating a further, well-equipped expedition to the dust moon, seemingly with the primary goal of locating the remains of Tyreus Cambellon rather than any further archeoexcavation. The trader vessel Grim Light, presently docked at Aberix Orbitus, has been chartered for this purpose, and Klave retainers already begin to load supplies. This may have been planned for some time, awaiting the final Administratum seal upon the Cambellon-Klave-Yonu birthright contract, but I have no further insight into the motivation behind such an inordinate expense. House Klave has grown large upon profit, and I see no profit in this endeavor.

My recommendation, Inquisitor, is for a modest Ordos retinue to accompany the House Klave retainers upon their journey, with the intent of an Assessment Cardinal of the dust moon. I prioritize this as Beta level, given the time it will likely take to secure the willing cooperation of House Klave in this matter, and the immediacy of the opportunity.

[ Posted by Reason on March 25, 2008 ]