The Fate of the Aquila
Aurealogi Belsepanium > Anni Aureum > Beneath Portae on Sign of the Starry Order

[Vox-record, servitor auscultavus :: signo temporis 3.316.806 M41
Circulium Aspectus Lapilli :: Ordo Missio Fortress :: Hive Voltis :: Scintilla
Adept-Militant Grambald]

Nah, now it's not arrogance, putting on the glint, if you says your going to do it, you know you can do, and then you rething go and do it. You ain't been with Inquisitor Ru-Tariy more than a year, so you wouldn't remember Gyfund from before he was flying off around the arse-end of the sector. That's just the way he is.

See them seers, poking around in the datastacks, ten levels down and past the transceptus? Pretty view from up here. Needs must, and if I'd thought to bring a las, I could take the fancy headgear off any one of 'em. That's not glint, neither, no more than Gyfund saying he and Bothe is going to knock on the door-steel of some narcolord, all polite and proper, and then put the boot in until the rether gives it up.

I've wondered what there'd be to see if you got a picter-skull to follow Gyfund around. Lot of surprised-looking corpses, like as not. Rething hard case.

This stuff? Didn't get the benediction right, the Prayer Ignius for one of those half-size plasma torches. So much for a steel arm giving me the touch with the machine spirits. Still, could have been my other rething hand half-melting, and the screaming, and the medicae. This way it's just a day or two to set things straight, and I didn't feel a thing.

Nah, nothing you'd be wanting to know about. Come on, rething leave it out. Nothing like that. Right, but Gyfund hears not the first whisper o' this from you, understand?

So Gyfund and Bothe had some old shrine on their route through Tarsus, and Gyfund has an aquila from the chapel to leave there. But the place is tainted, overrun by xenos seed, says Bothe. So Gyfund leaves the aquila, and Bothe picks it up when he's on his way out. I say he's in the right - you can't leave a blessed aquila in a place like that. It has to be done rething proper, with prelates and the incense, chanting and all the rest. Consecrated, that's the word - good and holy in the Emperor's eyes.

So Bothe says to me, when he's back and patched up for the flesh wound, he says "put it on Balx's mortis plate. It's a better place for it." That's the old Captain Balx, who bought it in that rething mess on Bitrith's Well. He's a plate up in the Vault Mortis now, reth, I mean the Honor Vault ... rething Bothe has me calling it mortis now. You should take yourself there one of these days; a ferrosteel plate for every one of us who died in the service of the Throne, great and small.

Gyfund's going to find out. He always does - he's Erros rething Gyfund. So's I talked a Tech-Adept - the one always hooked up with all the devices on sublevel 13, with the name you can't say without a voxplant - into a loan of the plasma torch in the name of the Emperor and Balx's honor, went up to the Vault and welded the aquila to Balx's honor plate. Rething nearly welded my hand to it too, but what's Gyfund going to do about it? Burn it off? Likely burn Bothe's ears off, but that's about it, I say.

Balx was alright, wish I could have done more when it rething mattered. Had his head on rightways, man of the Emperor, 'side from knowing Bothe. Going to get us all killed sooner or later, knowing Bothe.

[ Posted by Reason on March 22, 2008 ]