The Magister Mortis, Upon the Wind Space Processional
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[Memoria mechanicus :: servitor calvaria 244ophis :: signo temporis 5.325.810 M41
Tesella Ventus 103 :: Hive Alasam :: Encantos III
Magister Mortis Sefe Tamam]

They labor slow, Mistress, for they have the rest of their lives, until the end. In the Old Tongue, they would say "enshalleth," it is the will of the Lord of All, the God-Emperor who has decreed the end of Hive Alasam. But look, they have raised the vaultworks of a Cathedra Vitae Antidus from bones drawn up from ossuaria in the hive cores, here in this wind space, so that the sacred air of Encantos will ever touch this monument of lives past.

Enshalleth, Mistress. The wind and waters of Encantos are eternal and holy, as taught Saint Fadi. It is we servants of the God-Emperor who must fade into the dark, and complete our final labors so our souls will join the eternal processional. A billion have set forth bearing lumens and the black shroud, their bones honored by the silence of the hive cores. The Faithful here in the hive shell, we millions, labor to set the final statues, hang the tapestries of remembrance, to close the great door with honor that we might follow to the processional. It is a vital, sorrowful task for the elders who remember the glories of Imperial Alasam - but such a momument to faith we shall leave!

The Cathedra Vitae will be our lasting work, the labor of the youngest left amongst we massed Faithful here in the Wall of Sunrise, and in the Mountain Domes beyond the templum spires and noble obelisks. It falls to Magisters such as myself to guide the Faithful, and ensure that our steps match those set down in the Eschatologus Imperia. The habwardens must organize the workers, the men must descend into the undermountain cavern-vaults and ossuaries to retrieve and honor past lives. Water must be brought from the rightful aquaways, by the Saint's Laws, and in accordance with the teachings of the prophets who forsaw the Saint. There must be food from the Vault Houses, and Administratum records kept for all these matters. The medicae mortis must be supplied with whitestone from the rockcuttings downhive, at the high base where macrostatues of the Erasumic Prophets watch the Alasam Gate - for it is the basis of the mortis tablets. Without the tablets, we could not keep to the Eschatologus, nor give the ill and the frail the honor of stepping through the door ahead of us.

To guide these few Faithful in their last years is my trial, Mistress, given by the God-Emperor that I may show my worth - as I believe the unsettlement of these past two years, the False Hopes and visionaries, the signs and ill portents, are a trial now placed upon your shoulders.

Ours is a deep and honest history, Mistress, and an end we will make with grace as the God-Emperor wills. The great Eschatologus, cast in silver at the Alasam Gate, is two-thirds written these decades past, and the Tech-Priests of the pump levels commend us for our conformance to the Imperial auguries. We respect the old shrines and templum, we have made those in the darkened hive depths holy ossuaries, but Aquila and altar now reside in the Cathedra we build in the God-Emperor's name.

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