Seventh of the Third Year-Sept, Honored in Completion
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[Epistola Astropathica :: signo temporis 4.026.809 M41
Crypta Datum Peculiaris :: Inquisitor-Minor Om Quall]

Sectmaster Ninth,

Seventh of the third year-sept has attained her Completion in service to the God-Emperor who protects all. Extinguish her electrocandle in the shrine of Dame Mortis, and commend her birthname to the datatome vaults, that the Emperor will know her. Speak the prayers I know you have been holding for all this time.

As witness to Completion, I hereby swear upon the fates I hold that Seventh kept secret name, sect and Mysterii Necis. She is truth and Complete in the Emperor's hands, and I do not mourn her.

All Indagatori Mortis of the third year-sept of the compact are now Complete, initiated to the deep Mysterium. I am honored by the years in which I have been permitted to share their quests for the Aperito Mortis. As the compact requires, I will return to Dreah to raise the third blessed obelus - but after I have concluded the holy duties of Ordo and Imperium on the world of Sozomen's death.

May you find the face of Dame Mortis,

Inquisitor Om Quall

[ Posted by Reason on March 22, 2008 ]