That Shuddering Beneath the Earth...
Lore of the Principia Infecta

That shuddering beneath the earth is the beast waking from its long slumber. Mayhaps to roam and ravage, mayhaps to merely look about with bleary eyes before settling back to sleep as though dead.

Whatever the future holds for Principia Infecta, it will soon include a published manuscript, a tome of writings. I, your humble scribe, have moved to assemble artists and piece together the Later Blue Tome of Amaxathroth the Cursed. It is a sword and sorcery mini-supplement for Ron Edwards' Sorcerer, a bitter and fragmented glance at a lustful and decayed aeon. Sorcery, demons, and vile rogues!

Take a moment to look at the preview, if you will, and console yourself that the crumbling of this, our present age, is at least a more mundane horror than the sorcerous rot witnessed by Amaxathroth the Wanderer.

Since the Principia lapsed into slumber some time past, I have not removed myself completely from the forlorn role of a game-scribe. Through strange happenstance, you will find my credits upon Fantasy Flight Games' Creatures Anathema and the forthcoming Radical's Handbook and Rogue Trader. It is an unseemly world in which one such as I is forging canon for Warhammer 40K - how my past self would have laughed at such! Perhaps matters will become stranger yet, to the joy and detriment of many. We shall see.

[ Posted by Reason on June 1, 2009 ]