Another Glimpse of Amaxathroth's Decayed Aeon
Lore of the Principia Infecta

Amaxathroth is seated in his tomb, waiting. Not for you or I, for we are less than the swirling motes to his unblinking gaze. His heart is blackened by the ages, and his contempt of mankind complete and utter. Yet his words remain, scribed across countless lifetimes, and hoarded by those who come to regret their greed for such.

But know this now: as the toil of building the Later Blue Tome of Amaxathroth the Cursed now winds to a close, I, your humble translator, offer you a second preview of the words of Amaxathroth as a bookend to the first. These are print quality color files, hence large:

Preview PDF #1: The Spire of Thirst and Madness (6.9M)

Preview PDF #2: The Demon Grove (7M)

Expect much more of a similar ilk within the finished tome, a book of vitriol and bitterness to match the rot witnessed by Amaxathroth the Wanderer, Amaxathroth the Scribe, Amaxathroth the Cursed; he who lives yet while all else dies.

[ Posted by Reason on July 6, 2009 ]