Sibellus Noir, Part V
Lore of the Principia Infecta

The fifth segment of Sibellus Noir is complete and available in PDF format:

It's like this: you walk the low alleys in Magistratum blue and silver, listen to the curses and the screams, step over the drugged and the dead—but not because it has any worth. It makes no difference to the misery and the filth whether the barracks makes itself known, whether you knock heads together, whether you send the thieves and the killers before a magister. The City will be the City. She was cruel when you were a kid, she'll be hard-lipped and sneering when you're gone. No. You do what doesn't matter because it's a path to the few moments that do.

Download the creative commons licensed PDF of parts 1-5.

[ Posted by Reason on August 29, 2010 ]