Sibellus Noir, Part XIII
Lore of the Principia Infecta

For the eighth installment, an interlude on the topic of communications within the layered stone and crystal of Hive Sibellus:

The Vocae is a grand vox-message network under the control of the Administratum, its powerful tech-devices and voxcaster masts capable of sending a missive across the vast breadth of the City, there to be stored in a shadowed cogitation vault until such time as the recipient claims it. The network is ancient and run down, however, its pillared missive-shrine offices only maintained in any more than a token fashion in wealthy spire-shadow regions. Stylized High Gothic abbreviations engraved upon markers and archways close to masts and missive centers mark its presence in every district, but functional Vocae offices are a rarity in the broader City far removed from the great spires - crumbling, worn, and barely staffed where they can be found at all.

For all this, upon the dizzying heights of the Spire Primus there yet stand huge vox-installations that bristle with arrays, vanes, and gimbaled grid-mounts, all devoted to what little traffic passes through the Vocae. Weathered servitors, their unshielded outer flesh alternately cooked by transmission-heat and frozen by the winds, crawl about the massive vox-arrays at the behest of a secluded faction of tech-adepts. These Mechanicus servants care nothing for the message-ciphers that pass through the cogitators and vox-engines that surround them. All that matters is that their sacred machinarium functions in the proscribed ways, conforming to the dictates set upon adamantine plates by a conclave of long-dead Magi.

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[ Posted by Reason on March 3, 2011 ]