Sibellus Noir, Part IX
Lore of the Principia Infecta

The ninth part of Sibellus Noir is a short interlude on districts and wards in the City:

Ask of Spire-facing in any stratum or district of the City and citydwellers will point towards the spirebase and vast Spire Primus. Awareness of the direction of the Spire permeates City architecture: the principal entrances of important structures are often Spire-facing; manses of the wealthy are set Spire-facing; macrostatues and their reinforced plinths are aligned toward the Spire; sigil-posts and route markers extend an ornamental spike in that direction, often as not; Spire-facing arrows are embossed upon structural greystone by apprentice masons; and Spire Way is a common name for long Spire-facing avenues. There are many other signs, varying from district to district, such as a different shape for Spire-facing windows, sigils upon flagstones, and the facing of altars and Aquila. To not see the direction of the Spire is to be blind.

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