The Callidonean Play, Part I
Lore of the Principia Infecta

The first part of the Callidonean Play is available:

It is the commencement of 816.M41, and remnant detritus and pilgrim masses of the long All-Saints-Festival are but slowly vanishing from the grand hives of the Ministorum world of Rhame, golden capitol of the Yeuros cluster. Within Hive Templum Primus, a newly ascended Inquisitor and his retinue of Throne agents prepare for a long and uncertain journey, the festival distant from their thoughts. Their destination is Brythan, a world at the trailing edge of the cluster, farthest from the hives of Rhame, last light of the Imperium before the impassable warp storms of the Lantac Abyss, and last of the Yeuros worlds to be brought to the God-Emperor by the Rhamean Crusade so many centuries ago.

Download the creative commons licensed PDF of part 1.

[ Posted by Reason on November 13, 2011 ]