The Callidonean Play, Part II
Lore of the Principia Infecta

The second part of the Callidonean Play is available:

As for all of the populous Yeuros worlds, Brythan is a unique tapestry of lives, its history intricate and distinctive. Commoners and nobles alike are suspicious of outsiders, first evaluating strangers by their declared allegiances to Lords and brotherhoods, and only later, if at all, by individual worth. Faith and the hierarchy of the Ministorum are of great importance to the Brythanic peoples, and the schism with the Rhamean Temple is recent enough in the mind of the masses for all void-traffic to be thought potentially tainted by Rhamean interests. But is still possible for new arrivals at the landing fields of Hive Londus to find respect and acceptance enough to learn of Brythan: guilders seek trade opportunities, void-guilders are expected to send emissaries to the High Ecclesiarch in his role as Imperial Governor, and commoners are just as intrigued by the exotic as they are suspicious. A handful of days is enough to obtain a passable, superficial grasp of Brythanic culture and history, and most of the subtle and the taboo will reveal itself in the course of a season.

Download the creative commons licensed PDF of parts 1-2.

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