The Callidonean Play, Part III
Lore of the Principia Infecta

The third part of the Callidonean Play is available:

The legends of Brythan are everywhere: in the taverns, told to children, in the sermons of travelling preachers, recounted in the playhouses, and embellished by chroniclers for each new generation. The commoner masses believe every word, savants pretending to sophistication decry the details, and playwrights and ecclesiarchs continually rework and restore the oldest myths. The most popular legends are told in a score of ways - every Lord's domain has similar local myths, supposed prophets, hidden peoples, shades, curses, and prophecies. Certain spectral themes recur over and again, and a suspicious Inquisitorial mind might see the past workings of the warp hidden behind these commoners' tales.

Download the creative commons licensed PDF of parts 1-3.

[ Posted by Reason on June 2, 2012 ]