Sibellus Noir, Part X
Lore of the Principia Infecta

The tenth installment of Sibellus Noir presents a tour of Mortuarium:

Mortuarium is a noted Tolus subdistruct, an expanse of gentle Spire-facing slopes leading down and away from a piled structure-ridge. The ridgetop is dominated by vast edifices with foundations that reach down into the mid-City strata: a cathedral of the Imperial Creed; palatial whitestone manses; arrayed vox-masts; half-buried macrostatues. The Mortuarium citytop slopes down from these looming masses, past varied architectures and further grand structures, descending into an alchemical slump-vale where tower vents, deserted upper-works, and a railhead are cloaked by flowing rivers of corrosive fume-mist.

Download the creative commons licensed PDF of parts 1-10.

[ Posted by Reason on July 22, 2012 ]