Sibellus Noir, Part XI
Lore of the Principia Infecta

The eleventh installment of Sibellus Noir arrives:

So we wade into the madhouse, the moll and I, into the sweating, crying crush of a high-walled avenue, open to the sky. Chem-clouds wisp and drift at the rooftops, buoyed by the heated breath of packed madmen and lost women. Ten paces from the arched tower-base gate, a lay-preacher and his followers, screaming the God-Emperor's blessings as they shove and push for space. Thirty paces and chained penitents mob a sobbing man beneath a buttress whose flanking statues are worn featureless, forcing him to the filth-strewn flagstones. The crowds don't care, breather-masks and faces don't turn to look. Servants, workers, the faithful, beggars, even machine-men, packed and pressed into slow currents and tides.

Two servants fight as the stream carries them with their fellows, the woman tearing at her foe's guild livery. Others, carrying banners, laugh. A drenn addict totters behind, bent and buffeted, giggling and choking by turns as she vomits grey bile. Bodyguards watch with murder in their eyes, shielding their fat charge as he threatens a ragged man.

Download the creative commons licensed PDF of parts 1-11.

[ Posted by Reason on September 21, 2012 ]