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Adept-Militant Grambald

[Adnotamentum vocis :: signo temporis 6.050.813 M41
Savant Jonus Toll]

The one story Grambald never told us was of how he rose from the least of the faithful, from that blackened and violent obscurity amidst Hive Voltis' low habs, to serve the God-Emperor's Ordos. He came into the service of Hrald Belsepan long before I, in those early years when grand old Inquisitor Tor still cast his gaze upon Scintilla.

As the design of the Via Sinister became clear these past years, Inquisitor Belsepan came to consider Grambald an instrument of the God-Emperor's will, albeit arraigned in a manner fit to turn the nose of any Ecclesiarch. Fate is a twisted skein; what of the Calixian extent had Grambald not brought tranc into the Seven Hall Manse shrine that night, and in drinking to the dead, roused Aybehan's legacy from its torpor?

Of all the many things I could find to say of Grambald, Emperor rest him, I think that which best illustrates his character is this: that he hid his illiteracy, so common amongst the teeming masses and predatory hivegangers of corroded low habs, out of pride and until such time as he overcame it. He achieved that goal, so far as I know, without help, through sheer force of will, and a single copy of Vemel's Sollemni Imperia.

[Cista vocis tactica, Vertigan Golgenna pattern :: signo temporis 6.798.795 M41
Flight Black oX-11 :: Sky Deck Alpha :: Ordo Missio Fortress :: Hive Voltis :: Scintilla
Adept-Militant Grambald]

More 'an just some rething old lasgun, this - and keep yer fingers to yer own warstash. This is the old-style las took the rething head clean rething off Ungus Erroch. Clean off, like the Emperor's Finger came down and squashed him for what he did. The filth around him, they howled and screamed 'til Bothe and the Windrinders cut them to blood and tatters.

Belsepan made Cardinal Secundus high-and-mighty Rufello bless this las and my live-tats in the Cathedra Trancine after all was done and sealed. Made him! Me, late of the Bloods, setting foot in the Trancine under the Emperor's eyes, white marble and gold statue servitors with the wings and prayer-scripts - I tell you, there were some long dead down in the underhive laughing at that, Emperor rest them, those that deserved better anyhow.

The look on Rufello's face was something. Like he rething knew how many died over this las. I was half the height I am now when it came down into the low habs; Annek had it as a club until Borka got it working, and then some Grunuch crew killed her good for it. They got theirs from Bloods, and then there was the girls to be thinking about for the years after that, so who knows the gangers who got their spit and blood grimed into the workings.

But it came back to me, by way of rething cutting the arms off The Murky for his sins against the Bloods, and here it is. All the killing and the cutting and the burning has to teach you something, I say - whether you's a las or a man passing through the low habs and what's below that. Teach you there's something better, or teach you what yer good at, one, other or both.

So take a good look, coz yer won't see another rething weapon the equal of this. The Emperor works His ways, and so's I see it, He blessed this las long before the smell of it was getting into the Cardinal's nose.

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