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Lucis Ex Via Sinister, Our Ending

The Via Sinister is walked now, the light at its end an inferno, the furnace in which the Emperor’s will be done. Those few of us left alive can say truthfully that the God-Emperor has smiled upon our labors, and that the Calixian extent of the Imperium of Man continues. That must be our reward, that so few know how we thrust spears into the Beast to slay it in the darkness of the voids, out of sight and record.

Ignorance is the shield of Mankind against the temptations of the Archenemy, and in this way the Emperor protects.

But by my very nature, I cannot go into forth unremarked to a hidden obscurity, far from the Ordos who would hunt us as hereticus and diabolis. Not without the final word, a last accounting of the years of Imperial service represented by these ragged dataslates and crystal infovaults, these electrotomes and scattered silversheaf, these vox-records and musty cogitators from distant Astrae Imperia.

Therefore, I leave this as record of the anni aureum of Inquisitor Hrald Belsepan, and of the many loyal adepts and Inquisitors-Minor of his Conclave Sinister, gathered from the disarrayed librarum fragments to have survived our ending.

May they all rest peacefully in the Emperor’s sight.

Savant Jonus Toll
Paveal Station (relinquished), 6.640.812 M41

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In the end, we see the shape clearly. The Via Sinister was a circle, upheld and traversed by we many who joined along the way, beginning with Inquisitor Tor and the Umbis Librarum beneath Hive Voltis, encompassing the Astrae Calixis in its swelling extent, before diminishing to return once more to its origin.

This is the outline of the Belsepanium, the mighty vault within which we all served the God-Emperor and Imperium of Man at the behest of Hrald Belsepan – and so my final act is one of clarity.

This infotome of many parts will be returned to the Umbis Librarum, to the very vault within which Almus Tor discovered the remains of Tare Aybehan. There may it remain, a record of the Beast’s defeat, of the humbling of the Archenemy’s schemes in the Calixian, until such time as the animae machina of the Librarum decide it is to be revealed.

Savant Jonus Toll
Paveal Station (relinquished), 6.840.813 M41

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