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Observance on the Fifth Day of Purgen

On this Fifth Day of Purgen, the Holy Festival of Observance for the Transfiguration of the Guiltless Order, praise be to the Prophet.

For two and twenty years the Technists of the Guiltless Order recrafted the mighty heart of the towered Void Cathedral Nalathe, exhorting the Prophet's Fire to every great vault and space of the lowest levels. Brothers gave each and one, from neonate to Ordained, the Prophet's hand and seed in those years to swell the Order in honor of the Faith.

Two centuries passed since Nalathe last settled from the Void on pillars of Prophet's Fire, but the High Ordained charged the Order to raise banners at the very fingertips of the Prophet's Arms, there to guard the faithful against Contagion from the Void. Each Order of the Prophet's Garden, far and near, made gift of a holy quintessen-cannon to the Brothers of the Guiltless, the better to carry their quest.

Yet the Fire of the Prophet found Contagion in the hearts of the Order, for only the pure and holy speak with the Prophet's voice and act with the Prophet's hand. On this day, holy Fire came forth from the heart of Nalathe to cleanse the Order and all around who touched Contagion, making valleys of mountains and clouds of rivers. The greatest of Void Cathedrals became a holy rain of boiling forgen and ash, carrying the will of the Prophet to the lands of twenty Lords.

By the grace of the Prophet so was the Guiltless Order forgiven, purified and transfigured. Praise be to the Prophet and honor to the blessed Ordained on this Festival day.

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Observance on the Thirteenth Day of Char

On this Thirteenth day of Char, Tithe and Service to be given in remembrance of the Anointed Lord Baris and the Crusade of the Prophet's Arm.

On the Thirteenth day of Char, the war-procession of Lord Baris was blessed by the Ordained to set forth and purge the faithless from the Prophet's Arm of Sunset. Long had knaves and outcasts spawned and climbed ever higher in this greatest of Old Holies, league upon league nigh to the very edge of the Void. Sly heretics were ticks upon the outcast, while roving brigands of sword and cannon troubled the faithful in the shadow of the Arm.

Filled with the surity of Faith, the guard of Lord Baris' realm took up banner, spear and cannon small and great in their crusade. Eight years did Lord Baris empty his coffers in the Prophet's name, and eight years did Lord Baris lead his close-guard in holy battle ever higher through vault, stair, shaft and deck in the Prophet's Arm of Sunset. The fallen were many, their names inscribed still upon the craft of Technists of the Mercyless Order.

On the Thirteenth day of Char, the last heretic was thrown to the thin winds that touch the Void and tear at skin, no more to mock and sully the Faithful from on high. The Lord's pennon of a league of ash-cloth was unfurled from the Deck of Ages; war-barques of the Void Fortress Gerest came to carry Lord Baris and his close-guard from the vault of their victory to the Cathedral City of the Prophet - a great journey undertaken in but a single night athwart the Prophet's Fire.

Before the Prophet and High Ordained, Lord Baris became Anointed, and his close-guard the Mercyless Order. So blessed, these Faithful returned to the Prophet's Arm of Sunset and made their Cathedral of the Vault of the Mountain, above the clouds.

Tithe well to your Order this Thirteenth day of Char, for the Garden of the Prophet must ever be guarded against the faithless and the heretic.

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Procession of the Nineteenth Day of Rue

On this Nineteenth day of Rue, the Cathedral Bell Procession of Brother Besteban.

The last word of the final processional of the Anointed Brother Basteban was set in ink upon this day. That very night, Brother Basteban's soul was commended to the Prophet, may His Garden prosper in the glory of the Faith.

Upon this holy day, Faithful of the Chapel Technis upon the flanks of Great Olimpan exhorted mighty chains and the Prophet's Fire of their heart-vault to raise the bells Desine and Caras to the Cathedral heights, each larger than a road-shrine of the Faith, two full rods in breadth. Five years of craft and prayer had formed these Holies from ventworks of the fallen Void-fortress Humere, dug from the half-desert plains fifty years prior by the guard of Lord Tumen of the Olimpan realm. For five further years had the Brothers of the Chapel Technis illuminated the children of Humere with the tenets of the Faith and prayers to the Prophet, praise His name.

So it is that Humere, that had carried the Prophet's Fire and the Faithful against Void-dancers, that had fallen in the service of the Faith, now calls the Prophet's voice across the realm.

Listen for the Cathedral bells of your Order this Nineteenth day of Rue, and recite from the Last Processional of Anointed Brother Basteban as you journey to attend your prayer.

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Least Festival of the Fourth Day of Awe

This fourth day of Awe, the Least Festival of the Cannon-artisan, praise to the Prophet for His blessings upon men.

Great indeed were the faith and renown of Heen, born of Defys upon the border with the chill and desolate red desert. By his twentieth year, the cannon of his hand were sought by Lords of Olimpan, Heythe and Trel. So too came the Orders of the red realms to Heen's modest factora, for the long-cannon of Defys were without flaw, as though touched by the Prophet.

High Technist Sesepha of the Unresting Order came to Defys thrice, carried upon the Prophet's Fire, to gift Heen with passage to the Cathedral high upon Great Olimpan. Each time this was refused by the humble Heen.

In the last of his years, Heen of Defys turned his craft to form the great-cannon of the fortress Eythe, that which straddles the mighty chasm betwixt red half-desert and river-land. The great-cannon Tebse, Unne and Russere he burnished with his two hands; cannon that have faltered not in their duty, a craft to equal the Chapel Technis of the Desert of Old Holies, far across the Void.

Yet the Black Sickness came then upon Eythe, upon Defys, as upon all the red realms. On cries of Heen's death-watch, Ordained of the Unresting Order came with haste from Great Olimpan. In witness of all, Heen of Defys took the oaths of the Order; so was his soul rightfully commended to the Prophet as Technist Heen.

You artisans of the faithful, be humble as Heen in faith and service of the Prophet this fourth day or Awe.

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Festival of the Tenth Day of Char

On this tenth day of Char, the Festival of the Holy Crusade of the Erope Realm, thanks be to the Prophet for His guiding hand.

Upon the tenth day of Char, the Void-cathedral Yeuve and Brethren of the Hateless Order led the crusading war-processions of the youngest Lords of the Afrik realms. Prophet's Fire carried Yeuve and four dark-pennoned war-cogs far across the Void to the Lesser Suns and the Erope realm, for there a host of half-men rose from beneath great waters to mock and soil the Holies of the Faithful.

Into battle for long years went Lord, close-guard and Brother of the Faith. Voidmen exhorted the heart-vault of mighty Yeuve to give forth Prophet's Fire to boil the great waters to steam. With sword and cannon, with war-poisons of the Chapel Technis, the Faithful enacted Purgen upon the half-men and water-breathers who dared touch the great-shrines of the Erope realm.

Tithe to the Brethren of your Order this Festival day, that their duties become those of all the Faithful. Pray to the Prophet, that His hands will ever shield men from the Faithless.

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Festival of the Eleventh Day of Toil

On this Eleventh day of Toil, the Festival of the Prophet's Pilgrimage of the High Ordained, praise to the Prophet in His defense of the Garden.

Upon this eleventh day of Toil did the mighty war-procession of the Prophet smite the heretics of the Lune realm, to send all to death and scatter faithless names and works to the Void. The thin-forests and tall grasses were burned to char, fortresses smashed to smoking, broken crete. So was the threat of heresy and the voice of Contagion driven from the Prophet's realms.

Upon this eleventh day of Toil, the High Ordained Ferele, blessings be upon her soul, gave sign that great statues of the Faith, a league in height, were to be raised upon the desolate Lune realm. Voidmasters of the realms brought three times a hundred Technists, artisans and four thousand of the faithful across the Void to build as the High Ordained spoke, where once heretics consorted and plotted against the Faith. The faithful labored long years into the time of the High Ordained Hase, and thence the High Ordained Dalseban, but so it had been spoken, and so it came to be.

Upon this eleventh day of Toil, the High Ordained of the Prophet's realms makes holy pilgrimage from the Cathedral City across the Void, to pray at the Great-shrine of Statues for the Prophet's guidance in the defense of the Faith. Praise be to the Prophet, for His hands shield the faithful!

Be most fervent and true in your devotions this festival day, for the greatest of the Faith journeys the Void to pray for all in the Garden.

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Feast of the First Day of Censen

Upon this first day of Censen, bring forth your second-tithe and the meat of fine sheth for the Feast of Counting, with praise to the Prophet and His holy Orders for their defense of the Faithful.

Upon each fiftieth Censen, Anointed of the Faith journey the realms of the Garden to take count of the Faithful, that holy Brethren may do the Prophet's will. Dutiful Lords of realm, magisters of fortress and elders of village bow one and all, rightfully before the Anointed. The year-counts of realm, fortress and village are rendered unto to the Cathedrals, there to swell most fruitfully the holy records of the Faith. Give thanks to the Prophet this feast-day that His seed lives within the protectors of the Faith, who count each of the faithful as though their own child.

The thirdmost Great Censen of the years of High Ordained Dalseban was fifteen years in journey and illumination by holy Brethren of the Cathedral City. Its year-counts were cast in forgen sheets a rod in height, bound in mighty chains and set within the spired Great-vault of Seven Portals that the Faithful will ever know their strength. For the Anointed numbered the Faithful of the Garden to be ten million, praise be to the Prophet!

This first day of Censen, kneel in duty before Lord, magister and elder for the year-count. Feast well, you Faithful, and pray with zeal for the protection of your souls.

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Observance on the Twenty-Ninth Day of Spire

Upon this twenty-ninth day of Spire, the Faithful of the Prophet's Garden gather to give praise in remembrance of the Hallowing of the Ganamed realm by the great Void-cathedral Yeuve.

In Spire Yeuve bore the Hateless Order across the Void of the Lesser Suns, from the Prophet's judgement upon Erope to bring Faith to the savages of the Ganamed realm. With mighty pillars of the Prophet's Fire did Yeuve set to rest upon the hill-lands of thin-tree forest, and with great prayer did Ordained make a Holy of that place in the Prophet's name.

The savages who dwelled amongst the ruined vault-works of the Unhallowed made wings of cloth and savage forgen, and flew by leaps from rock, yellow thin-tree and high vault. Light as a feather tugs the Ganamed realm upon the Faithful, and close presses the Void. The savages knew not of the Faith nor the Prophet's wisdom, and thus Contagion whispered to their hearts. Hateless Brothers went forth from Yeuve with armor and long-cannon, in war-barque and upon tread of heavy forgen, to teach Faith to the savages and burn Contagion in holy Prophet's Fire where it fouled the Ganamed realm.

Hateless Technists toiled upon new vault-works and spires, tall as tall upon the Gananed realm hill-lands. In high leaps, higher than the tallest spire of the Red Realms, did Hateless Brothers exhort their armors, to pull savages from their wings and teach them Faith. Hateless Preachers journeyed in courage and noble duty to speak the Prophet's words beneath a Lesser Sun.

In Spire, great-bells of new-blessed forgen, pennoned in the Prophet's banner, first called the savages to prayer and learning. So the Prophet's hands shield souls from Contagion come from the Void, and such was the first Hallowing of the Ganamed realm. Raise up your voice in praise of the Prophet's compassion upon this holy day, and give service to your Order with glad duty in your heart.

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