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The True Heart of Amathe

You ask more than you know; the Void is an unforgiving companion, even for your Brothers who take the Long Breath and walk through seal-gates naked to the stars. It is true, the Ordained have spoken and we Faithful are bound, but the Prophet must be honored if we are to travel the Void unharmed.

Preacher Heneth, you have gazed upon many Holies of the Garden in your life. The great heart of Amathe beats in the center-vault with the Prophet's Fire, to char the heretic and carry the Faithful across the Void. But come, Preacher, I will show you a Holy of the Void, the hidden heart of Amathe here in the Chapel Oculis.

Lo! Praise be to the Prophet, for this Holy is the Mathema of the Voidmaster Barseman. A craft of the First Order Technis, each of its thousand rods and thousand cogs is a prayer for the Faithful. Together they speak the Litanies of the Void.

Preacher Heneth, understand that even this Holy is not the true heart of Amathe. The Mathema remains hidden and quiet, as it has since Voidmaster Barseman placed it within this Ocula so long ago; it is a guide to our Faith, not the means to our prayers.

It is by the will of the Prophet that we exort Amathe to rise and journey the Void that divides the Garden. It is by performance of the treasured Litanies, given by the Prophet, praise be His name, that we are not brought to destruction - or worse, Contagion of our very souls. The Litanies, spoken well, true and flawlessly from the beating hearts of Voidmen pledged to the Faith: these form the true heart of Amathe, and it is in this way we honor the Prophet.

Preacher Heneth, it is in this way your Brothers will cross the Void, or not at all.

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Lord Darteme's Heretics

The Oculists make ready to depart for the Chapel Technis of the Cathedral, Voidmaster. I will tell their tale from my place at our long table, with your blessing.

What I am to tell took place in the last years of the High Ordained Mesebar, remembrance to his works. By the command of Lord Darteme of the realm, Voidmaster Jarve of the war-barque Tibene took in six of the hundred Heretics condemned by the Anointed Hasem at Nasrith, on the border of the Desert of Old Holies. Hasem spoke of rightful death by blade and cannon before her return to the Cathedral-vaults beneath the ice-cold Kalask realm, but it was Lord Darteme's will that the Faithless should suffer for so long as they would live. The Prophet has said that the Heretic has no greater pain than to see the works of the Faithful prosper in glory, and the Lord chose his defiance so.

The faithful Voidmen were rightfully angered, but Voidmaster Jarve secured the Heretics by chain upon chain, two to each Ocula, there to gaze upon the Void. Scraps and rotted stores they were given, but only as they performed as a Voidman of the Faith. To you seated here, who have seen savage Faithless beneath the far Lesser Suns, I say a Heretic will do naught but hunger unto death if food depends upon performance of the Litanies of the Oculist. Only the faithful may so honor the Prophet, and thereby protect us from the Void. Tibene rose to the Void on the Prophet's Fire, rose to journey guided by the sight of Heresy but once. Thereafter the faithful Voidmen cleansed remains from the Oculia and returned to the treasured Litanies; the Voidmaster Jarve chose his defiance so.

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Garden-vault of the War-cog Reante

Heshrem, you board burnished Reante as one commended by Brother Paress for diligence upon the garden-decks below the Chapel Technis. Do not disappoint his trust, nor mine, for Brother Paress will take it upon his soul should I thrust you through seal-gate and into the Void. This I will do if you fail in your duties, for they are of as great import as the treasured litanies of the Oculists.

We Voidmen honor the Prophet as one; not one of us may fail, not in prayer, faith, nor duty, lest the beating heart of Reante turn upon us with rightful Prophet's Fire - or we are carried far from the faithful to die as nothing in the darkest Void. As Voidmaster, it is my duty to cut my own right hand from my arm should it fail in service to the Prophet. Do you understand me, Heshrem of the garden-decks?

Here, then, is the outermost gate of the garden-vault; mark it well, for I do not expect to see you beyond next we rise to cross the Void. See there, Eural and Tull of Olimpan will be as your magisters within Reante. Bide by them as you would Brother Paress, show them your diligence with all that grows, and they will teach you litanies of the garden and Void-prayer.

Be devout in service of the Prophet, praise to His works, and time will see you a Voidman.

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Realm of Steam

The Prophet means your ears to bleed, and the pain is that of becoming a Voidman. Give praise, you Voidmen, for there is one more to our number this day! The lesser seals are turned open but a quarter yet; you can be sure of old Cucas, slow as a mother with a babe. Were it the Voidmaster, there'd be blood upon all our faces, and you fallen upon the forgen deck, dancing as the least peasant in high air! There is worse, there is worse!

Eural, what of the great exhortation of the Prophet's Fire in your youth? Ten days of Voidmen and Brothers of the Pitiless Order crushed as though beneath a great load; broken bones, bloody limbs, and every leaf and bough fallen from the trees of the garden-vault!

What of the realm of steam, that all Voidmen of Ementhe saw one and twenty years age - and gave every last hair, shred of skin, and scream besides? The skin grew back, such as you see, but not one hair, not one hair. Voidmaster Arthe of the red realms quested long for the great-shrines of the Anointed Brother Lespeham. Hidden by steam and heat-cloud of the Vennas realm, no man since has set eyes upon these Holies. Nor I, nor the good Voidmaster, the Prophet guide his soul. Strange plants and rivers we saw from the Oculis of Ementhe, but naught of the works of the faithful - the realm of steam is the Prophet's own secret!

And what of Void-battle, charred forgen and Brothers who take the Long Breath to fight beyond the seal-gates? No, but let us not speak of Void-battle this day. Why do we stand when we have left the Void behind us, and the lesser seals are open? To work, Voidmen!

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Litany Beads of the Voidmaster Yuvesah

Heshrem, look not to yonder seal-gate! Attend to the vault-works as I, and as I have taught you; it is a holy of the Oculists and not for we lesser Voidmen.

We should not speak of such, but quietly. Ask not again, and I will recall a debt for it in the garden-vault! It is the Sealed Ocula of the Voidmaster Yuvesah, within which are his litany beads of old. The Void is within the Ocula beyond the seal-gate, and the Void-touched beads are a prayer greater than yours or mine. Look not towards the seal-gate pennons, lest you call Contagion upon us all!

The Oculist Tefera has given to the Prophet's service within Reante these thirty years; I have seen her chantry and clicking of beads upon the marker-deck. As will you, should you do the Prophet's will and rouse not the Voidmaster's ire. The good Oculist is the blessed of the Prophet, for His hands and His Fire hold us safe from Contagion whilst she prays within the Ocular Chapel.

Voidmaster Yuvesah of the Afrik realm set down his beads when first he stood within these vault-ways, long ago; the Prophet spoke with his voice, and the treasured litanies were perfect through and through his life of years. Since the High Ordained Mesebar, so has the Ocula been sealed. It will be sealed yet, until another holy Oculist is blessed to speak the litanies with the Prophet's voice.

The Brothers are in the shaft from the heart-vault once more - listen to their forgen-thunder through the portals! Look to the vault-works, and bow your head, by the Prophet's name!

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