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Void-lance of the Neonate Hebsebar

The Cradle of the Hopeless in the factora of the faithful Technist is clear upon the last watch-litany. It is lit by slow-candle of inscribed tachen wax, there to lay the Hopeless for the neonate blessed by the Prophet. For a half-watch of candle flame, the faithful Technist may close his eyes to the Four Duties of the Tutor, and in this way is the beating heart-vault of the Chapel Technis opened to the will of the Prophet.

In the age of the First Order, the neonate Hebsebar was sent a vision of the Prophet and in his sleep passed vault, seal and Brothers of the Order to the holy factora of High Technist Mareb. There lay the Void-lance Horesen, most Hopeless of all Hopeless within the armored Chapel Technis of the First Order Cathedral, charred deep and through in battle against foul Void-dancers. Yet Hebsebar laid his hands upon Horesen, and lo, the Void-lance was healed and whole once more.

Such was the first miracle performed by the Anointed Hebsebar. The Void-lance Horesen has never faltered, not even when charred once more from the armor of Brothers in Void-battle. This is the will of the Prophet, and may the faithful Technist aspire to craft and burnish so blessed of Holies.

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The Peasant's Factora

The first years of the neonate will pass within the peasant's factora, for no peasant of the Garden may claim mastery over a Technist of the Holy Order. The lowliest neonate will know the ways of ore, prayer and mighty heat; the lowliest neonate will be dutiful as the Lord's artisans in the pour of white-hot peasant's forgen.

The neonate will make pilgrimage to the mines, for the faithful Technist must show vigilance as a Brother of the Holy Order. Let the neonate exhort the wretched and imprisoned to wrest ore and ancient forgen from soil and broken crete; judge well the faith of the neonate by devotion to the hunger of the factora.

Each neonate will learn crafting of prayer boards from trees of the garden decks; let each neonate be flawless in the lesser litanies. Thereby, these least of the Chapel Technis will bring the Prophet's blessing to blazing forgen within the factora. Peasant's forgen is weak without the prayers of the faithful, just as the savages of the Lesser Suns are weak without the Faith; judge well the faith of the neonate with armor and sword against cast forgen.

Only with the perfection of prayer will the faithful neonate ascend to wield mighty great-hammers and factora-knives to shape forgen within the peasant's factora. Judge the craft of the neonate against the best of the Holy Order, and teach well their improvement, for all are wanting in the eyes of the Prophet.

Judge well the neonate at the peasant's factora, for this Holy is the very portal to the Chapel Technis. For the strength of the Holy Order, for the strength of the Faith, only the most diligent and faithful may pass.

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Peniten of the Alchema Center-vault

The alchema is as a vault-column for the factora of the devoted Technist. The Faithful of the Chapel Technis bow toward the Prophet's wisdom within the center-vault, for such is ordained. The litanies of the factora draw greatly upon these riches, and we are blessed by the Prophet for our devotion to His word.

Hold forth and treasure the litanies of the Chapel Technis! It is the Prophet's will that the faithful Technist know each essence of the realm that He shall call upon to serve in His name. In their rightful combination and by most virtuous prayer shall the faithful of the alchema support the vault-works of the factora.

Yet too, the pennoned and rightfully inscribed center-vault of the alchema shall watch over the souls of the Chapel. Let there be but one amongst the faithful who is tempted towards the heresies of the Fallen Technist - seal-gates and vats of of the alchema will pour forth great poisons and a flood of strong-water. All shall choke and burn until Peniten is performed by the dutiful of the Chapel, and those who turned toward Contagion are clensed.

Thus shall the alchema center-vault be the most holy hand of the Prophet upon those who bear His seed; let the faithful Technist and neonate of the alchema be most honored in their charge.

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Cannon of the Fifth Essence

Only the greatest amongst the faithful of the Chapel Technis are given by the Prophet to craft holy long-cannon of the fifth essence. Only the most holy of Technists is so blessed by the quintessen of heart-vault and rage of the Prophet's Fire. By the tradition of the Anointed Hebsebar of the First Order, this shall be the trial of faith by which one High Technist is known from the many dutiful who bear the Prophet's seed.

Let not the neonate draw and wind coils of greater forgen from the Garden; let not the neonate bespeak the cannon-prayer upon this work; let not the neonate charge cannon-rails with quintessence of the heart-vault; let not the neonate weave pennons of the litanies. Such are the duties of the Technist of long years and greatest faith in the eyes of the Prophet.

In his life of years, the Anointed Hebsebar worked the Prophet's will to craft five quintessen-cannon of armor and the great-cannon Selen. After these centuries of the Prophet's service, Selen of the fifth essence is yet a steadfast protector of the faithful within the mighty vault-works of the Void-fortress Gereth. Let the constant Technist aspire to such perfection in the name of the Prophet, for the Chapel Technis must be the unblemished shield of the holy Order.

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Garden of the Hallowed

Pray, you Technists! Guard the Garden of the Hallowed with your perfect chantries. Carve forgen with the oldest litanies and set walls of prayer strong and thick about these gifts of the Prophet's wisdom. A beating heart beats in vain without a soul, and the Hallowed are once and always the soul of the Chapel Technis.

Before the the years of the First Order, upon the charred realms of war and heresy, those few of the Faith amongst the artisans of old knelt before the war-processions of the Prophet. With great despair these faithful beseeched the Prophet to draw the line of His long-cannon across the realms, to divide Hallowed from Unhallowed. Lo! And the Prophet placed a great seal about the souls of men, that those who accept His seed will know Hallowed from Unhallowed and thus be shielded from Contagion.

In the years of the First Order, faithful artisans crafted alchema and factora amidst the char and sand of the Desert of Old Holies. The First Technists raised up the great Chapel Technis of the Cathedral City, guided by the wisdom of the Prophet. Within beat two heart-vaults of Prophet's Fire, and between these holies the Garden of the Hallowed. Upon forgen cast by the Anointed Hebsebar for soil and watered by litanies of the faithful, the First Garden grew Hallowed blue-forgen to be charged mightily with quintessen of the heart-vaults.

Thusly was the rightful path of the Technist shown by those who knelt before the Prophet. So did the first of the faithful tame the fifth essence to exhort armor, war-barque and mighty factora, praise be to the Prophet's guidance. Guard the Hallowed of the Chapel Technis with your prayers, you faithful!

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