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The Branched Spear in the Hall of Past Heroes

You have spent cycles amongst the Clans now, friend, a fine commencement to your time in the Second Circle of Initiation. The Three Pointed Ceremony in Thanks of Insight is greatly familiar to you now, neh?

The Enierd are subtle for all their bluster and strength of spirit. They have a commons of purpose for all they lack Family, and surprising insight for those who abhor inked Midrin. Do not treat them as outcasts from your Family or Dispossessed without Brother or Sister. In their determination and purpose, they have much in common with our Order, our great Family in the eyes of the Father Provider.

Friend Initiate, have you stood before the Branched Spear in Naskal? Ah, a tale for you then, you who have yet to hear all the Enierd have to tell. The Spear is shaped in a way sacred to the heretic True Believers, and it was from True Believers that the Spear was taken by warriors of Clan Causi. The Great Darkness was on the World, and the faltering of the One God had brought courage to those rightfully persecuted; Sects of the Dead God joined arm in arm with True Believers to convert the Enierd.

Such was the madness of those cycles. Friend, they were as unsuccessful as priests of the One God before or since the Darkness. The Enierd have no use for worship, for all they respect the Divine and the duties of the Provider. To the Causi who practiced the craft of the warrior, the Spear was a great prize to be won in battle, a divine creation twice as tall as a man yet no thicker than a hand.

It will soon be time for the Meet between Causi and Reti in Naskal, friend Initiate. Enierd of Clan Causi will bring the Branched Spear forth from the Hall of Past Heroes to reenact the Darkness Raids and the punishment of presumptuous True Believers. You would do well to see such as you tend to the hunger and thirst of the gathered Enierd.

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